Finally got an analyst stint after multiple internships, all my friends just party while I work 80 hours a week

Maybe I am just being a little bitch. My friends from home come from high class and I somehow befriended them when I was younger and stayed friends. (Came from middle class). They all kind of coast off their parents money and party hard. (Total Parent NW: 200+M) I just see them all partying and never working and it just sucks dick. I wish I could but I know I have to put in my hours and work. Makes me question if I should stay in IB or not. Idk monkeys im just down in the dumps. Maybe I will buy a new pair of sleds. 

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Jun 22, 2022 - 2:16pm
Abusement Park, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Well, here are a couple Abusement Park insights:

1. I refuse to believe you didn't know what you were signing up for in terms of hours when recruiting for this job.

2. If you don't have parents to coast off of, then you'll be in the same position regardless of whether you're in IB or not.

3. Partying all the time may seem fun at first, but it's a pretty hollow endeavour. I took two years off after undergrad to essentially travel, party, and work remotely (started my own online business). It was fun for a while, but I got sick of it all pretty quick, and decided that life wasn't for me. To each their own, but doing nothing but partying is pretty fucking lame when you have nothing to celebrate.

Jun 22, 2022 - 2:30pm
TimesNewMoney, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Number 3 is a super valid point. Believe me, everyone goes crazy their first year or three out of college when they're finally fully-independent (even if they're still taking allowance), but by the time you hit your late 20s it gets suuuuuper draining and boring. 

I'm 26 and my friend group is all a buncha party animals and former frat stars. if I texted my group chat right now and was like "Yoooo I got an eightball and bottle of whiskey, yall wanna day drink all day Saturday and go to XYZ Dive Bar" my friends would all be like yikes chief, pump the brakes.   

It's around the same time that you actually start realizing the material advantages of having a great job too. Being able to live in a dope apartment versus still having to live with three roommates in a beat-to shit townhouse, women outgrow being sluts for whoever has a bag of cocaine on them (the ones that don't get fat and mentally unstable) and appreciate financial stability and good values, you can travel more and stay in nicer places, not have to pinch pennies on things like food/transportation/travel and have yourself a balling savings. 

TL;DR delayed gratification starts paying dividends very quickly, keep at it and in five years when you've outgrown the urge to party 24/7 you'll appreciate all of the advantages your hard work has earned you.  

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Jun 22, 2022 - 3:04pm
Abusement Park, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I know we're going back and forth jerking eachother off here, but you hit the nail on the head.

I'm in my mid-twenties, and although the occasional blowout is great, I'd much prefer to spend my free time playing sports, getting outside, or hanging with my friends/gf/dog doing activities that don't involve inhaling snow and seeing just how much vodka is "too much" for a human being to handle. 

Now, I find gratification and happiness in the pursuit of bettering myself. I'll still throw down once every few weeks, but only when there is actually a reason to celebrate. Tbh it makes it much more enjoyable knowing you actually earned the leisure time, and aren't just throwing back a litre of booze simply because it's another Friday night.

Jun 22, 2022 - 3:12pm
CharlesCheese, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You don't have to work in banking.  You can easily move to a job that will afford you more free time and free weekends.  You won't necessarily make banking money, but you'll immediately solve your problem which appears to be wanting more time to party?

What you can't, and won't ever, solve is feeling sorry about yourself by comparison to others.  That is ultimately your real problem.  I come from the middle class and spent much of my early professional years motherfucking the rich kids.  It does nothing, changes nothing, and only makes you feel worse.  It is inescapable, particularly if you're in New York or other major centers of wealth.  

If you want more free time, you can dictate that and make it happen.  If you want equity amongst your friends, lobby for heavier wealth transfer taxes (IM JOKING)

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Jun 22, 2022 - 3:21pm
CarsnWatches, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Unfortunately you have to come to the realization that you may never be on the financial level of your friends or their families, but you can focus on yourself and the long term. Grinding it out in IB while in the near term will suck, you have to think long term and how it will set you up well. 

Coming from a middle class background you have to work. So why not work in one of the highest paying jobs out of undergrad? If you really don't like it after a year or so or don't like the hours try and switch to something with a better WLB. 

Don't be so hard on yourself. There's thousands of kids that would kill to be in your spot. There are levels to everything.  

Jun 22, 2022 - 6:01pm
Gucci Loafers, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Building yourself and achieving goals with your own merits is a pleasure which no amount of booze, cars or girls could equalize it. Speaking from experience. 

Jun 22, 2022 - 6:17pm
Horatio Horatio, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Quitting would be the biggest L of your life. You will have to work anyway and any other job you get will earn you less. So you still wouldn't be able to party with your friends. Think about your future not your rich friends. Also PM your MD's contact info if you do end up quitting cause i'll take your spot. 

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Jun 23, 2022 - 1:26pm

Have a few girl friends that are this way... 22 on ACT, partied all 4 years of school "studying" fashion or whatever the fuck. Ex girlfriend is included in this and her family is worth billions. Anyways, I look at those girls in absolute disgust. Nice, you did NOTHING with your life despite the connections and pull your families have. Not saying IB is doing God's work, but I'm busting my ass and learning an incredible amount of material that hopefully one day will translate to material things I can say I did with my life (maybe through work, starting a charity or non-profit or mentoring underprivileged kids, etc etc) As stated above, partying all the time gets old, especially when celebrating nothing. So yeah, partying seems cool for about 2-3 years, until you realize those people are pretty much losers and would be working at McDonald's if their great grandpa didn't build the railroads. Chin up, King

  • Analyst 1 in IB-M&A
Jun 23, 2022 - 1:41pm

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