I’m brand new to the industry and I’m looking for answers.

Ok, here it goes….

I’m 35, and just finishing my undergraduate degree in Finance( I finish end of summer). I’ve spent the past 10 years working as a mountain guide, search and rescue ranger, and backpacking guide. I am certified in almost every avenue of the industry.

The reason for getting my degree and wanting to change career paths is because I have been dealing with tough times financially because you can’t make a living being a guide and “having fun”. I’m honestly tired, broken, and just over it. I want to go back to climbing and the outdoors on my time and for myself, not because I have to.
I served for 4 years in the Us Navy as a linguistics operator for SO/SF. I am conversational in four languages: English, Arabic (native language), French, and sign language. I also hold certifications as a wilderness medical responder, wild land firefighter, and avalanche rescue.

My biggest hang up is that in 2014 I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy because the business I started as a sole proprietor failed and I couldn’t keep my head above water. In 2020 when the pandemic hit every company I worked for shut down, but my bills still needed to be paid, so I had no choice but to file chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In 2015 I was charged with an aggravated assault charge because my Neighbour broke into my house (misdemeanor)
In 2018 I was charged with several counts of aggravated assault (felonies and misdemeanor)
Both of these convictions have been set aside according to the state of Arizona “expungement” laws. I was given my rights back and even got a “letter of second chance” which allows me to hold licenses and certifications.

In July of 2022 I texted my ex after I found she cheated on me, and she went to police saying I was harassing her. (For context I sent her 2 texts)
The first one I told her ‘I hope you kill yourself’ and the second was ‘ please die alone so I have something to celebrate’.
I was charged with a class 1 misdemeanor for harassment. In 1 year I’ll be able to remove the conviction just like I have the other stuff.

I receive 100% disability compensation for PTSD due to my mental health and have been living off that for some time. (About $3,600 a month)

I’ve taken the SIE twice but haven’t managed to pass yet.

With all that being said, I want to know if I’m eligible to meet the requirements for a U-4 form, or other registered representative, or if a bank, firm or business will hire me, or am I wasting my time?

I’d like to just talk to a industry professional, lay it out on the table just to know if I have a shot. If not I can take my degree and move onto something else.

Im tired of being so broke and living off of the VA. I want to be a working man, and I want to be in a office or remote and just do a job that requires a desk and my brain instead of my body.

Can anyone give me answers or would anyone be willing to have a conversation with me?

Thanks everyone for your time and I appreciate the conversation.

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