Lack of skill as an incoming intern

Hi all,

Looking for some sort of advice as an incoming intern. Incoming to a BB from a target school as a non-finance major. For interviews I tried my best to learn technicals, but in the end of the day it was overwhelmingly memorization, not learning.

With summer just around the corner, I decided I should work through some workshops / modules to prep, and when I completed the first financial statement forecasting test, I was not remotely impressive. Getting multiple choice answers aren't a problem, but when asked to calculate certain things based on a 10K I was horrible. Now, it has me stressed that I am going to show up and some finance majors are going to be workhorses compared to me in a summer where return offer rates are expected to be down.

Looking for some sort of advice on what to do. Should I be selling my soul in these last 10 days to grind and understand putting together these things leading into the internship or focus my efforts on just being good at powerpoints lol? I know that I more than likely will not be asked to run models but I absolutely hate being unprepared for things. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Wouldn’t stress. Probably won’t be doing any modeling. Most you’ll be doing is simple work in Excel and PPT, that may require basic math/ formulas (Growth rate, etc.) Sounds like you already have a basic understanding of the industry and financial statements, technicals will be built during training. Everyone will eventually have a similar skill set, excelling at the soft skills and admin task are what’s really important.

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