Messed up A-Levels horribly, are spring weeks impossible now?

Attending Bocconi for my freshman year, and I've managed to horrendously mess up my A-Levels. ABBB. Econ, Math, Accounting, Psychology. A-Level grades are basically all they have to go off of for academic record I'm assuming but I also have 8 A*'s in IGCSE and I'm planning on adding some skills certifications and an internship to stat pad my activities and related experience, but as a non-EU or UK citizen who wants to break in, how fatal is this blow? Should I just try pivoting to consulting or some other role then try to use exit opps to break into IB?

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2nd year student at a non target (ranked ~30th) who got 2 spring weeks at BBs here.

My advice is to apply to every single spring week/insight you see. Go on the Bristol Trackr and the LSEU BIG Spreadsheets and apply to them all. Set reminders of when they open so you can get the applications out of the way.

Put as much effort into the prep and the applications as possible. Your first year is relatively easy so you should have time to put into the applications.

Polish up your CV. Usually the fin/investment society at your uni will have CV workshops. Go to them and fix it up.

If you do all these you are guaranteed a couple of opportunities. It’s all a numbers game and once you get past CV screening and the Psychometric tests, you’re good.


Sorry if this is redundant but could I know your grades?

I'll be looking to apply to them all as soon as possible and get my CV done by the end of summer yeah. what did you write about on yours? 

I'm mostly just wondering if my grades just remove me from the hiring pool even though I'm at a Target. could you elaborate more on the Psychometric tests? what do they make you take?


A levels in Maths, Law and Business grades B-C.

Your CV should just be a summary of your education, where you’ve worked and what your responsibilities were, your extracurriculars and your skills and achievements. There’s plenty of resources out there for high finance CVs

In terms of psychometrics, each company has different assessments. They’re mostly either puzzles and or how you would respond to scenarios/problems. If you enjoy arcade style games these won’t be an issue. Look up McKinsey ecosystem game. That was sick.


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