Recruitment strategies for IB summer/off-cycle internship

Hi everybody!
I am in my first year of a 2-years master (target in France, tier 2 in the UK). I have already done a back office (I know it's not relevant for IB) summer internship at a top BB (think GS/JP/MS). Got top marks in my bachelor.

I have already applied to almost every IB London summer internship 2021 but I have received 0 interviews invitation and 75% of the banks I have applied to have already sent the rejection (so I guess that will be the same from the other 25%).
On the other hand, I applied ONLY to two regional offices and received invitation for the interviews from both (a boutique in Milan and elite boutique in Dubai - I am fluent only in Italian and English). So I can safely conclude that the competition out of London is much less.

My question is: Have you got any suggestion of any other good tier 2 locations with "low" competition, with respect to my languages fluency? Name of good banks/boutiques and their respective regional locations? Any general tip to increase my chances to get my first IB intenrhsip (I don't mind that much about the name/location for the first one, I just hope that the next year London recutment season will be better thanks to my hypothetical first IB internship)? Any thoughts about Off-cycles (never applied to any off-cycle because it is not easy to understand what is their start date, and I will be available from mid April onwards)?

Any tips or suggestion would be more than welcomed! Thank you very much!

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  • Analyst 1 in IB-M&A
Oct 30, 2020 - 7:34am

First of all, I think you should do your own research first. Some of these questions are very easy to answer by doing some Google research and speaking to your network.

In general, if we exclude London, I don't see any other cities where you can intern except Milan and Dubai (where your chances would be low given that you don't speak arab. Guess the bank that called you is Moelis but from what I know they give first rounds to almost everyone)

Off-cycle internships in continental Europe usually start in January/July for 6 months, but dates can be flexible (not super uncommon to start in September or March). Networking is pretty much compulsory for these positions as there are only a handful of spots available.

Source: Italian, did summer in London and Off-Cycle in Europe (not Milan)

Nov 28, 2020 - 6:35pm
smokinaces, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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