Study Hard. Work Hard. Read philosophy. Unless you want to suffer in the future.

As you're sitting on your chair, you might be bored of your lifestyle and thinking that you're missing out all the fun. You're right, but 20-30 years later, you will be the one who is enjoying life while your friends are eating burgers made of crickets in the metaverse.

We're in 2022, and if I get the avarage age of the people on this forum, it would probably be around 24-30. It means that you have at least 60 years to live with today's standarts. But, the thing you can't imagine is that it will not be 60 years. It will be so much longer than that, if you got enough money.

Just look at the past 30 years, and look what we have succeeded as humanity. Obviously we haven't gave you a cure for cancer. It's not that we haven't found it, it's just because current treatments are a good source of money for us. Don't you think useless eaters has too much money ? You're spending thousands of dollars on clothes that worth less than $10, hundreds of dollars on girls that you can't even touch and countless hours to impress others on social media for the sake of little dopamine you get from likes. We did not expect this to be honest with you. We never thought that these things would work together, and consume all of you. The plan was the get your money, not your time. But, thanks to you we've realized that we can make both of it work together.

Are you scared of the climate change ? Oh little boy, don't be scared of it. It's just one of our plans to get more of your money to improve the human race. If the climate change was real, do you think we would have let people use billions of disposable masks and pollute the planet ? Obviously not. Do you think we would have flyed to COP26 with more than 100 private jets if we were scared about the climate change ? Do you think we would have special farms in Japan that produces the finest meat for us while telling you to be vegan for the sake of our planet ? Oh, obviously not. I'm not even going to talk about that stupid girl we've hired with the advice of Swedish government. If we had the chance, we would have eliminated her first. That kind of deformity shouldn't pass through her genes.

Oh, come on. Now, are you scared of COVID-19 ? This is one of the things that you should be scared of, because we have been planning this for a really long time and there's no way for you to escape it. Basically, what we have planned here is eugenics. If you're fat, lazy or have any type of biological deformation you will most likely die from COVID, and that's for the sake of humanity. You will not transfer your deformed dna to your children. Oh, you may wonder what the vaccines are for. Anyone with a basic critical thinking skills would have known that vaccines weren't for COVID, but it was for you. I mean come on, we have the mRNA technology for more than 20 years, and we haven't developed a vaccine for cancer or any type of deathly disease, but we have found a vaccine for COVID-19, totally a new virus, in 1 year. I mean, we have the technology but obviously it's not for you. The vaccine doesn't stop the transmission as you can see from the new cases. You ask, then why mandate it ? The thing we have tried in China was a succes, but there was no way for us to bring that surveillance system into the western countries, except through fear. Most of you have been so scared that you're getting 4-5-6 doses. Soon, for the sake of safety you will sacrifice your freedom. Before experiementing on you, we have tried these experiements on small controlled groups and AI simulation. We've expected to you protest and kill some scientists and politicans, but you did not. Your obedience even suprised our most optimistic officers. The vaccine is basically a roulette. There are three options. First one, deadly activation dose. Second one, disease activation dose. Third one, blocker dose. If you get the third option in your first dose, all of the other doses you will get will be useless. But if you get the first two options in your first dose, every other dose will increase the possibility and severity of your death or the disease. Obviously, getting the third and second options are more likely, otherwise our plans would have failed, assuming you're not that stupid.

Basically, just study and work hard because future will be so much better than you have ever imagined for the rich. Adapt the stoistic philosophy, because there is literally nothing you can do to stop the latest evulation of the human race. Learn history, philosophy, and read some novels. Finance may save your future, but you can only save your mind.

In the future, there will be no more traffic, even in cities like NYC. We expect %70 of the world population to never leave their homes for weeks and never work. But, enjoy the benefits of the universal income program we will bring. For this to work, we need to sterilize most of you and shorten your life-spans. So that, the superiors can live longer and enjoy the sources of this planet while completing the latest evulation of the human race. It's not a war between you and us. It's needed for the evulation of the human race.

I may be a conspiracy theorist, a troll, or someone telling the truth. I mean, why not ? Who would have expected a virus to change the whole world in 3 years ? Who would have believed ?

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AttackSnail, what's your opinion? Comment below:
mid-nut learning

The learning happens instantaneously in a dreadful wash the second after nut is complete. Pre-nut confusion exists, mid-nut is not a state of confusion nor learning as there is zero introspection. Its the apex of living in the present and experiencing your immediate sensations, the peak of short-term thinking

semitargetseth, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Looks like micro-dosing turned into macro-dosing on that occasion 

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Average age of ppl on this forum is prolly like 16-17 judging from the tier lists and stuff. 

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Prestigiouslndividual, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'm clearly old enough to be a senator and I probably made 1/3 of the tier lists you mentioned.

Irony and prestige is timeless.

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tl;dr vaxxcucks get the rope

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I ain't reading all that

But good for you

Or sorry that happened

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Portnoy's Complaint, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Cut to me, counting

Is this a clap back haiku?

I need to touch grass


ITNAmatter, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Listen bro, there may be some wisdom in that message somewhere, but it was worded poorly, and I have no idea what to think of ur post.

path less traveled

Fidel Cash Flow, what's your opinion? Comment below:

His meds only work if you take yours too

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Anonymous Monkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:
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Brio, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I was thinking about reading the post til I saw this LOL. 

CoolGuy333, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Babe wake up new schizo post on WSO

Goes to non-target disregard what he says.
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