What should my senior year (HS) internship be? (Summer before college)

I have three options:

  1. Bank of America Student Leaders

- Intern for a non-finance related non-profit
- BoA name associated with it
- Paid

  1. Real Estate Acquisition “PE” Firm

- Headed by a older legend in the space
- Somewhat unlikely I get it, also very unlikely anyone is asking for internships there anyways.
- Newer firm, small.
- Room to learn and grow, maybe prepare for REIB, get to speak with a legend

  1. Commercial Real Estate Firm

- Get to work on $10MM+ transactions for commercial spaces in an urban area
- Likely I get it
- Good experience, unlikely to do anything impactful as I’m a high school senior.

I don’t want to be the coffeeboy, I just want to learn as much as possible over the summer. The competitive edge from these internships could be game-changing.
Looking into IB as a post-college career.

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For my summer between high school and college, I played Call of Duty Modern Warfare for 3-5 hours every day. Highly recommended.


Although comments are right that kids should enjoy their life before university, reality is recruiting is so hyper accelerated and competitive these days that it's likely v useful to do an internship before college


That’s my logic.

Would rather get something done to get that “competitive edge” and some experience under my belt beforehand.

I had my fun in HS, I can still have fun working lmao


I remember recruiting a few years ago and a bunch of 55-60+ industry guys were like “oh I’d start with like jpm and ms good places to start yeah do that”….my brother in Christ youre our of the loop…your firm handshake, A in Algerbra 2, xerox stock pitch and entry level connector and runner role don’t exist or matter today


You’re right, but it’s not that competitive that you need to get an internship before freshman year. Once you get on campus there will be opportunities to build out your resume like getting an internship during the school year and getting involved with ECs.

Enjoy one of the last free summers you have with your friends. You have a lifetime to work.


I would do something fun and hang out with your friends because the finance industry in the end really values people who are personable and fun to be around, rather than a machine.

From your choices, I would probably say 1,3,2 in that order. The bigger CRE firm would probably let you do more, the smaller PE firm doesn't have an internship program so they wouldn't be familiar with training you and giving you work to do, since they don't know if you are qualified at all. Anyways, you are likely to do administrative duties.

Name of BofA is good for networking later on with BofA people, and CRE firm would give more 'experience'.


Yo, I'm in very similar circumstances as you (Current HS senior in NY likely going non-target/semi-target) and also looking for internships.  Can I pm you and ask about how you found these opportunities?  


The only internship this kid should be looking for is smashing 4lokos and ripping dye all summer long


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