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Yeah, I was in PL. had to stop playing in college cuz of the time commitment. Hopefully there's something similar around when I'm old and bored.

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Nice, I really enjoyed the PL/BL rivalry. Game has kinda gone downhill imo in terms of meta imo. I really enjoyed it when there was a variety of playstyles. There were big blobby sov holding alliances like Goons/TEST, elitepvp nomadic groups like PL/NC./BL, several lowsec groups fighting over moons. Now it's basically just a handful of blobby nullsec power blocs with zero recruiting standards. 

now PL is a shell of its former self and BL/Origin are gone

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Never played it, but always had a bizarre kind of fascination and admiration with the sheer complexity of it. I've seen weird news stories about it from time to time about how so many hundred thousand dollars worth of ships were destroyed in a PVP battle. The economy of the game is bigger than the Icelandic economy (it was coded by Icelandic people). Absolutely wild stuff. Like, these people are starting legit cartels over asteroid resources and fighting over it. Very complex stuff.

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