Best ($30 Stipend) Seamless Meals For Models?

Hey guys, incoming AN1 at a bank with a $30 dinner stipend after 7, looking to get the best Seamless meals for health and appearance-conscious monkeys on here. I work out 4x a week (mostly calisthenics and cardio, but also show muscles such as abs/biceps/shoulders/chest) and swim 1x a week as required by my modelling agency. They also stipulate I maintain around 12% bodyfat year-round (with weekly check-ins and measurements) and I generally have to drop to ~10% bodyfat during Fashion Week, depending on which brand(s) I'm modelling for.

I would also appreciate any advice on how to avoid acne/dark circles and weight gain while on the job, my group is an upper-tier group on the street, but not an immensely sweaty one. Have heard from alum that I should expect 90ish hours. 

For reference, I am 6'3, 188lbs, 41" chest, 33.5" waist, 275 bench, 330 squat and 395 deadlift. My maintenance calories/day is around 3050 according to my modelling agency.


You would need to refer to my colleague HighCaliberTalent for further clarification…



Blue-chip agencies (think Wilhelmina/Ford/Elite) in Tier 1 cities (think NYFW/London FW/Paris FW/Milan FW) and booked to mid-tier brands (think Prada/Hermes/Alexander McQueen)


Could you recommend any lower tier agencies? My girl wants to break into modeling but not runway or designer stuff, just regular stuff for normal brands or products. Appreciate any insight on this. She's good looking but only 5'7-5'8. Though we follow another model managed by NEXT who is 5'8 and broke in so trying to follow suit.


Panda express - Brown rice, steam veggies, grilled chicken, and beef broccoli if you wanna maintain low sodium levels bc all other foods places have a shit ton of sodium regardless of macros (think chipotle, even sweetgreens, etc.) which will bloat ur face if you consume high sodium foods. Avoid seed oils and preservatives as well.

Otherwise you might just wanna pick those random spots that have organic food or reading the nutritional content online before placing ur order if available. 


Thanks, any suggestions for almond-heavy or caffeine-heavy foods? Almonds reduce stomach bloating all day long from what I've heard and caffeine helps with fat loss.


Does it need to be seamless? My company lets us submit reimbursements. Sometimes when I'm not that hungry I'll just go to the deli and pick up some groceries. The receipt doesn't say what I get.

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You have a lot of cals to work with so this gives you a lot of options. Let me tell you the goated choices. KOBA BBQ is phenomenal and you get a ton of food. Choose a greens or salad base, whatever add-ons you want get chicken and add steak or short rib on top. Add sunny side egg too. High protein and decent cals. Another good slept on options is KATI Thai. Get salmon and add steak. You can get rice if you like or half rice half slaw for the base. Sides choose whatever they're all good and healthy and taste good. Honorable mention: can 2nd the panda express suggested below if you need a lot of protein, can do 3x grilled teriyaki chicken and the super greens broccoli which should give you something like 100g protein for cheap. Don't get rice. Honestly even 2x chicken and broccoli from there might be enough. Have a fruit for dessert, natural sugar is important. Have lifted for many years, usually hover around 15% bodyfat, and 12 around summer. 


How do people spend $30 on seamless? I always tip $10 and order $20 of food and it is usually $38 - $43. Do people just give crappy tips to stay under $30?

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