Really... asking whether a physician who completed a residency in Internal Medicine is or is not more prestigious than a lawyer who graduated from a Top 5 Law School... What a rube! What a maroon!

I'll make this simple... You, sir, are an idiot. You are comparing Apples to Oranges. Doctor vs. Lawyer? Is the internist or the lawyer from one of the top 5 law schools in the nation really doesn't talk comparison. Reevaluate your question, actually ask with specific data instead of using generalities and pull your head out of your ass with that one and then maybe you'll get a viable answer.

Prestige? Probably who ever makes the most money, has the best car or something shallow like that. Sure Harvard Law is impressive in your 20's but you better have more game in your 40's, 50's and 60's.

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Honestly I've said the breast surgeon thing multiple times and people throw shit but seriously the guy sits there, feels up some boobs, and tells hot housewives and young women "yeah you'd look good with C cups"

Lol can't beat it

What the hell is this "prestige" thing and who believes its some sort of objective measure of a man, other than vacuous salesmen?

Those who can, do. Those who can't, post threads about how to do it on WSO.
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I’ll play: 

Internal med is pretty far down the pecking order of prestige in medicine (but certainly still important  in the health system.) 

Prestige in medicine is kind of an amalgam of different factors: Salary(revenue generation), technical abilities, visibility, research etc and years of experience.

Where you go to college influences where you go to med school which influences what residencies are easier to match to and then fellowships and then the prestige of the institutes you work at. I know some departments that prefer Ivy League and some that only hire fellowship trained specialists even if not strictly necessary.)

Rough ranking in prestige in a health system: 

Top Medical Admins

Department Chairs 

Any large revenue generating specialty( Neuro/ENT/Ortho/cardio thoracic)/ROADs I’m sure I’m missing some.) 

General Surgery/ED 


Leave a health system and prestige doesnt matter, results matter and earnings can skyrocket… know plenty of state school grads doing 7 figures a few years out of residency in private practice.

Thats why chasing prestige is pretty silly and a waste of time. Only take a path in life if you genuinely like it. 

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