Good ideas. I'll add one more to your list:  Bing search "Time Out London" and look for free gatherings and stuff.

What make London the best city in the world  because there's always something to do and the city is really diverse. If you put in the effort you'll absolutely find some friends.

Good luck. You won't actually need it though.


One thing people overestimate when making friends (in London and elsewhere) is how open and inviting people are. For all they know, you are a total stranger. Flip the script. Even if you are new to a city, find something you enjoy doing (a sport, hobby etc.) and YOU invite people to do it with you. Reciprocity is a powerful tool. Inviting people to join you in an activity will increase the odds of them inviting you back to something (be it a similar thing or social gathering). Start with that. Alternatively, join groups that do team sports (there are always open leagues and groups for football, touch rugby etc) as well as spamming dating apps with the intention of making friends, not getting laid.

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Highly recommend hobbies.

Londoners, and Central Londoners in particular are a clique-y bunch, and that's not meant to be an insult to be clear. They just have very tight knit social circles and they keep to these groups almost religiously - a lot of them schooled together, grew up together, etc. so these are strong bonds and from their perspective why venture out when I have these perfectly good relationships I value highly - which I totally get myself.

Reason I recommend hobbies is that's the one area where usually walls are easily broken due to team or group effort. You won't become "besties" with anyone, but it'll lead to other social interactions and activities beyond the hobby.



Living in Central London, not Canary Wharf. Is it easy to make friends in London compared to other cities? 

What are best strategies: gym, social clubs, volunteering etc. 

Pub, library, grocery stores, on the bus, concerts....

SafariJoe, wins again!

What difference does it make where? If people have common interests, they will always find something to talk about. I recently went on a tour of Florida, stayed in a hotel, and there were guys from different countries. We became fast friends, and we keep in touch. Click to check out these Florida resorts, you might want to go on vacation and make friends too. Especially since the hotels are very cool and yet affordable.   By the way, they have a lot of hotels in America and we agreed to visit every one. So much for the general interest. Take the idea on the spot.                        


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