Chaotic Insane investment banker who passed away in the 90s or 2000s

I post this once every couple of years but a really long time ago, I was on this website and someone told a story about how he used to work with an infamous banker or finance professional based on the east coast who lived an insane life of drugs and partying. The poster name dropped the guy and i remember reading a few articles about his life.

I remember reading his person's wikipedia and it was like reading the life of a fictional person. I can't remember the details but i think he might've tried to shoot someone at one point or was kidnapped or involved in a kidnapping. There were also articles about his rampant drug use. 

I think he passed away in his 50s sometime in the 90s or maybe early 2000s but it was so long ago I read this and I can't remember much of it anymore. 

I always wanted to go back and see if the story was as crazy as I remembered. I can't remember if he was in investment banker or a classic stock broker because i read that when I didn't even know the difference. 

I read this post before Wolf of Wall street was even out so it was surprising that there were people living like that

Does anyone have a name in mind?


That was a wild story. Guy was the son of a cop, was clearing $300K a year, but was drowning in debt trying to fund a luxurious lifestyle. Robbed ten banks.

I don't fully buy the wife's story that she didn't know, however.

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fuck this is sad, could be a movie, didn't know there were so many tragic characters in banking, imagine if he didn't die where his bank would've been today

but that isnt the guy


yeah maybe there would have been threads on here about SA recruiting there lol. do you genuinely not know the actual name? i'm curious

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What you describe actually sounds a bit familiar; or similar to at least several people I remember hearing about back then.

I started in the 90s, but I remember the finance scene in the 80s, due to my father being someone notable at the time. Through him, I met/knew/know a lot of the big names from that era (including some big names today). Some of the stories would almost seem like Hollywood fiction, but were indeed real.

I know of several cases of kidnapping attempts in the 80s (and I heard of others in the 70s, and 90s, albeit less common). In some cases, they would attempt to kidnap the child of someone notable, or attempt to kidnap a senior executive, in the hopes of ransom.

I was the subject of 2 attempts in the early ~1980s (not successful) during my youth, and I had friends and family friends who were almost kidnapped as well. (There was a period of time where it seemed a bit more common than usual, but I'm unsure why).

Other incidents of attempted violent attacks, home invasion, or robbery, also had occurred during that time -- and even today, still do still occur. My family had multiple attempts of such things during that time. (Imagine being a child, and seeing bullet damage, just outside the front door to your UES townhouse. It was eye-opening to say the least).

(Law enforcement did almost nothing at the time, and led to many of us opting for our own measures to protect safety).

(Note: Search YouTube for 1980s and 1970s NYC, and you'll see that it was like a warzone in some areas, with lots of crime, excess, polarized wealth, and almost a Wild West mentality in some ways).

Kidnapping attempts during that era led to a few companies, and wealthy families, to get K&R and KR&E Insurance (Kidnap & Ransom Insurance, or Kidnap Ransom & Extortion Insurance), and also to establish notable private security measures at that time, including armed protection after that, and (often still to this day) for many executives and people/families, especially after such incidents. (That was a lot of the reason that top executives and billionaire families now have almost head-of-state security in some cases).

To the OP post, during that era, I also remember notable (almost famous) cases of insider trading, embezzlement, fraud, and even someone who tried to hide his (ill-gotten) gains -- in gold bars under his bed (lol) -- which was later discovered by FBI (~1980s), from what I heard.

Back then, there were several informal "lunch groups" of guys at different banks who would share information and plan strategies (and I believe some were later charged with various crimes).

Back then, a lot of the partying was of the level of Wolf of Wall Street -- I actually remember hearing about his firm back then.

Back then, a lot of the money was extreme, and stories of partying, entertainment, sometimes organized-crime affiliated activities, and various other things, were definitely of a Hollywood level.

The example that OP mentioned sounds oddly familiar to me, but I need to think further about (specifically) who it might be.

I'll edit/repost if I remember.

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