Opening a Hedge Fund in South-America, but, what are the best options? And, why?

Hi! I'm an entrepreneur, and Civil Engineering Student, and also an Accounting Student.
I'm looking after some ways to know, on where, why and how much, do I need to open a Hedge Fund in South-America, which I could grow by my self entrepreneurial ventures.
I want to foster it, give it money, deploy competent people to help me with it (not actually from here, I still think), and, may be I'll be prepared in time to run it.

Look, I'm not an easy-dreamer, but if I know nothing, the possibility of progress is still zero.

I run a company in the clothing sector, it goes from manufacturing, to sales, and distribution.
I'm being invited to develop and run a corporation which actually have a lot of sub-companies at it's hands, I'm very excited about it, and I think that it is time to prepare me, and also to prepare some structural possibilities, for some of the years that are to come.

I thought that to be here, would wait for at least a couple of years, but it didn't took that long.

I want to know where do I find help with law, and the conditions for opening a hedge fund, or even a private equity company, into some south-american countries, as for information, books, laws and some more details (Specially in English).

Because, I don't know where to start, and I'm not that good in Spanish.
For what I know, only some big guys with degrees for like "global" executive-related degrees, know how to deal with it easily (let's assume that I know the basics).

But, I also know that these guys must be into my venture at the right time (And they Will be, at the right time), but it is still too early.
And It may be not a problem, because, since my very first enterprise, I've managed to get simply a CEO who had beautifully 30 years of experience AND success at the related field of the business.
So, this may not be the problem onto my venture.

Also, what are the best countries to chose? Is Argentina still a possibility? what about Chile? And Panama?

But, I really need help on how to find the best choice, to make sure I take the best decisions.
Thanks in advance!


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