Really Negative Coworker - Any Advice?

I recently joined a new group as an analyst. The guy who sits on my left is a few levels more senior than I am and he constantly sounds bummed or upset in any topic of conversation, work related or not. Firm itself has been doing fine and overall group atmosphere is generally relaxed.

I enjoy talking with everyone but this one senior guy is just full of constant negativity, anxiety and anger and I have no idea why, and his attitude is starting to make me doubt if I joined the right firm. Have been told by other coworkers that he's been this way for a while now.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this?


Is this your first job? You can't do much about this - you gotta just take it. You could make jokes about positive sides of his negativity if you dare.

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - Bruce Lee

I’ve joined a few places and agree that some people are just tough to deal with.

You’ll meet people who are great at helping you learn stuff, leaders who inspire those around them, people who brighten up the atmosphere

You may also meet people who may also be fairly sedimentary and quiet, they just want to clock in and leave

Try to work more with the others in your group that you seem to resonate more with


I would treat this as a learning opportunity.Β  You will come across all sorts of people over the course of your career.Β  Learning how to navigate personalities and be successful with both positive and negative co-workers.Β  You're early in your career - the more positive your outlook, the more you'll enjoy it and more likely you are to succeed.


I’ve been the super negative person. He’s probably in the midst of some mental illness - depression, anxiety, who knows. Not that this means you need to put up with the negative energy, you don’t, but I’d try and have some empathy. Hopefully he comes out of that hole and realizes that in general, life can be pretty cool and everything, good or bad, is just temporary.


Bruv, if you've been told that "he's been this way for a while now", that implies he wasn't always a downer - he's probably going through hella shitΒ  - trust me, if a loved one is dying/you're having health issues of your own, work isn't exactly a priority.

Don't gauge this place by one guy. Just do your thing and don't let it get to you.


lol in my experience it's the exact opposite. The constant downers actually have such little adversity in their lives that they have to create problems that otherwse dont exist, or make mountains out of mole hills. Been part of or worked with analyst classes for example and the well can quickly be poisoned by one person bitching non-stop. Negativity about a company, work, culture, etc. spreads quickly and more often than not is just complaining for the sake of complaining.

Hopefully this fades as people get older and you realize not to manufacture drama when life will give you plenty of it (kids with issues, divorce, money issues, loss of parents/loved ones, etc.). But imo there is a big difference between 'this guy is going through a rough patch' and 'this guy is just a bitch'


If this guy is a constant downer and creating negativity unnecessarily in a professional setting, he likely has some stuff he'd need to work out in his own life and it doesn't have much to do with you if at all.

It appears that you don't work with this person, and it seems like others are aware of this, so just do your thing and do well for yourself.


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