SAT Score good enough for MBB (1290)

Hello, I’m a Hispanic/Latino student that goes to a target state school (umich/ut austin) studying finance. I have a couple internships under my belt going into my second year of university but I noticed that most applications are still asking for SAT scores. I scored a 1290. Should I include the score or not? I looked it up online and I’m in the 90th percentile but I’m not sure if that’s enough. I also have a 3.9 GPA.


Based on the most helpful WSO content, your SAT score of 1290, while decent, might be slightly below the typical range that top consulting firms like MBB (McKinsey, Bain, and BCG) usually expect, especially if they are explicitly asking for these scores in their applications. However, your strong GPA of 3.9 and the fact that you are attending a target school are significant positives.

Here are a few considerations for you:

  1. Target School Advantage: Being at a target school like UM or UT Austin already places you in a good position for recruitment. These schools have strong recruiting ties with MBB firms.

  2. High GPA: Your GPA is excellent and indicates strong academic performance. This is often more important than standardized test scores.

  3. Internship Experience: Having multiple internships early in your university career is impressive and beneficial. It shows proactive engagement in your field which is highly valued.

  4. SAT Score: While your SAT score is good, it might not stand out for MBB applications if they emphasize test scores. Given your high GPA and target school status, you might still consider including it, especially if it's a requirement, but ensure the rest of your application is robust, highlighting leadership, problem-solving skills, and your internships.

  5. Networking: Leverage networking to improve your chances. Connect with alumni from your school who work at MBB firms, attend company events, and seek referrals. Often, a strong referral can offset a less competitive aspect of your application.

In conclusion, if the application does not mandate including your SAT score, you might opt to leave it out, focusing instead on your strong GPA, internships, and networking efforts. If it is required, include it but ensure the other elements of your application are compelling.

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ur a DEI at a target. Just apply to RBC lmfao if you've been around the forum then you know they love DEI hires from tgts.

In all seriousness though, 1290 does seem rather low. If you consider the average Ivy league (read: super-target) SAT score being 1550+, then you are closer to the 85th percentile (as per collegeboard data for the past 3 years). HOWEVER. You took the SAT in highschool. You are applying as a college sophomore and are not the same person that you were in highschool. On top of that, if your internship exp. isn't BS then they will look closer at your GPA, internship experience, and personality. Its easy to focus on the one bad point that sticks out, but remember the importance that you place on that metric may not necessarily be reflected by the recruiters. feel free to dm with any questions


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