Series 7, Series 66 as Undergraduate

So I am an undergrad at a well known (not ivy league) business school majoring in Finance. This summer I received my Series 7 and Series 66 licenses. I was wondering if anyone knows how valuable this is as a resume booster. I understand that in 3 or 4 years, these licenses don't mean anything really, but i feel they are very beneficial for someone who hasn't even graduated yet.

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Doesn't really matter at all. Most banks don't even require 7, 63, or 66 for analysts (in IB, trading may be different).

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It doesn't hurt to have it, but it won't help much either. Analysts in IB at least, and any S&T I know, don't require you to have it and, if down the line (months, year+), they decide you need it, they will just sponsor you to take it. Since at some point, you will need to have it, it won't hurt you, if the bank was planning to sponsor you sooner rather than later anyway, but it won't help you much either. Put it on your resume,but don't expect anyone to jump out of their seats and demand to see you because you have it.

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