Making sense of being let go and moving forward from it - Help

Was let go a few weeks ago and back on the interview circuit but still having a hard time making sense of being let go. As I move forward into my future seat, I want to move past the pain and am looking to process these negative emotions. 
I'm not going to get into the intricate details of my situation but rather want to start a discussion for those who have been here before. Outside of analyzing my situation, a common pattern that seems to exist from the threads of previous threads on the topic is, the signs are on the wall but you don't necessarily see it coming. 
In PE/IB there is 0 room for error. An insane amount of attention to detail is required and the expectation is perfection at all times. What also seems to be a common theme is when management has made a decision about an individual, there is no turning back. The decision has been made and even if improvement is evident, that person is going to be whacked. 
I am selfishly posting to move forward but I also hope this thread will serve as a pillar of catharsis for those who are currently in this situation, have been before, or might (unfortunately) find themselves here in the future. 

You’re absolutely right about when someone has made up their mind about an individual they’ll be whacked no matter what. The same exact thing happened to me. I had a dipshit asshole insecure useless vp who didn’t give me a chance from day one. He has a hard on to make my life a living hell. Eventually was soft laid off and of course he was the one behind it. The guy didn’t even know how to use Vlookup, fucking useless!

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Obviously I don't know your situation but sometimes feel like I may be in a similar one: I basically got bottom bucket after intensely clashing with VP/Director above me and learned it could have been far worse than that except for the fact that I had moved on to a new team that I got along incredibly well with and really liked me. In the room at the end of the year, it was senior MD vs senior MD arguing over me, and while I was spared, I'm under no illusions that I'm in line for top bucket anytime soon. What I've learned is that perception is far more important, and while you may THINK a person above you is fucking worthless (and they might be), that person can also completely fuck you. 

Our business is intensely political. We must remember that. 

Would be eager to hear your story. 

Seeing all the recent posts about the shit we get from IB/life/jobs in WSO make it much more endearing in a sense. 

Know that you're not alone and others have been there before. Just stay the course and do your best. this will pass. 

I myself have: 

- gotten retrenched twice (first job was 9 months+, got retrenched again due to covid)

- got shit from a VP and given a 0 rating (which was adjusted post MD intervention)

- Jobs with no progression due to "hiring and promotion freezes" and i'm behind my peers significantly (i fell for the loyalty meme) 

- current market is utter dog shit with laid off personnel and it doesn't help CS candidates are throwing their resumes around 

Stay strong fellas 

You're not alone man, trust me. I've gotten shafted multiple times throughout my career. For those who have had the same experience just keep pushing on. 

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