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Just finished my first year as an IB analyst at a top BB (JPM / GS / MS) in a more niche industry coverage group (think Industrials / Energy).

I'm looking to break into tech at a PE megafund or Growth Equity firm, but was underprepared for on-cycle (could have burned a few bridges at the megafunds) and have not been landing interviews off-cycle (expressed interest to the headhunters in a few growth funds).

I've recently caught up over the phone with most of the top headhunters, but I'm not sure if my recruiting stalemate is due to them not passing my resume, or if I'm in too specialized of an industry. I've also been on multiple M&A transactions but most shuttered after COVID and only two are still active, so have not yet closed a deal despite entering my second year.

So my question is - what are my chances? Are there still spots remaining at the megafunds for 2021 or is that door closed? Does networking / cold emailing make a difference at this stage? Should I consider different locations since NY is too competitive? Should I give up and just go get my MBA (half joking...)? What would you advise?

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