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golf_is_fun, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I can second this I know people in LA and SF at CB/JLL who made around the 180 range their first year as analysts. They didnt have bases of 100 though more like 60-70 range and then had big bonuses from tips in deals.

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CREF1524, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Guys to clarify, $200,000 for associate Comp on a good team. First year analyst at my shop is typically $125,000 - $150,000 all in Comp (base, bonus and deal tips). So $110,000 seems light. Our deal flow is probably higher than average and we keep our team lean, but I know for a fact our direct competition pays the same.

By the way, CRE brokerage pays an incredible amount. It really was the best kept secret for a very long time. Our analysts make just as much as their friends at BB banks. Maybe not elite boutique though.

CREF1524, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You'll definitely be crushed on hours, but for that comp I would think must young folks would gladly take the money and just dive head first. You're not going to make that money working 40 hours a week, although at my shop we certainly respect PTO and holidays. I could care less if an analyst or associate wants to bounce at 6:30 to go get a sweat in at the gym if they are going to do some work in their laptop at home.

AnalystCRE, what's your opinion? Comment below:

If it helps, I can tell you for a fact that the base offered for a first year (fresh undergrad) analyst at one of those shops is $80k. This is CRE though and you should always negotiate for higher. Bonus is entirely dependent but I wouldn't be surprised if all in was ~$110-120 or potentially even more for a killer year.

Hopefully associate is quite a bit higher than 150k

blookup, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Old post but wanted to circle back.

Is it common for these associate and/or VP roles in cap markets the be salaried like this?

See a variety of sources saying yes, others saying these roles are 100% commission/fee based.

Seems like it's all team/firm dependent, but would be really interested in additional insight.

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