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Wondering what everyone's splits are like? I work on a team of 4-- MD, SVP, and myself and another senior associate/AVP (we are equals).  We have a strong base of around $70k and are looking to roll out a new bonus/commission split structure.  It is tiered similar to a tax bracket. 

0-600k: 0%

600-800k: 2%

800-1MM: 4%

and so on.

We have added the SVP to our team that is supposed to be bringing a book of business.  The company says with him on the team we will be doing 2-2.5MM in gross commissions, I have been here 5 years and 1.7MM has been our best year.  Last year we did 1.3MM.  However if we did 1.7MM again this year i would be making less money than previously under the new structure.  Obviously more if we do $2MM+.  I feel like I'm getting screwed.  I wanted to meet again to follow up and propose a slightly different structure and the company came right out and said we can clarify but not negotiate.

To be honest I want to switch over to acquisitions anyway but was sticking around to see this through if I was going to get more money.  But now I am invigorated to start the job search again.

What are your splits like?

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  • VP in ER

So you have a 70k base and you bring home about 4% of 800m in commissions if I am u der standing correctly?

  • VP in ER

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