Canada Layoffs

Recently impacted by layoffs to the investment team. Have about 6 YOE and not seeing many mid senior level roles. 
also heard a few companies ie. Triovest laid off their CIO and most of the investment team BGO as well. There are a lack of investment roles.  Worst case scenario is I am unable to secure a role by next year and that’ll be almost a year of unemployment.

Question I have is at what point does the gap begin to be concerning? I’m hoping recruiters / companies would be understanding of the market cycle

Does it make sense to consider ME funds? Saw posters speak about ADIA / Mubadala for example. Would it make sense to try get role and come back in a few while keeping network alive?


Laid off as well from a RE IB in a special team (first year analyst). Looking at opportunities outside of Canada either in RE or not due to market conditions here. Wishing you the best it’s really tough out there


Have you thought about the US? I’m seeing opportunities in the west coast and east coast for mid senior positions that would suit yourself.


Not if they're locked in under contract for a few years. In my case, associates, and a few directors were cut. Team is now slimmed to literally nothing now. 


Have you guys considered the UK at all? You can work here for 2 years under youth mobility scheme (can then extend for another year) and don’t need a job beforehand to get approved for it.

The age limit for it is currently 30 but it changes to 35 from 31 Jan 2024.

Only reason I know the above is because my girlfriend is from Sweden and since Brexit we’re both looking to move to Canada together under the same scheme as it’s difficult for her to get a visa here.

The job market isn’t amazing in London at the minute but there are still roles going around. It’s starting to look a bit better than compared to a few months ago.

If anyone wants info on London recruiters etc give me a DM, happy to help.

Also, if anyone based in Toronto knows a firm that would hire a Brit working in acquisitions with 4 years experience please give me a DM :) 


London is just as bad for good seats atm unfortunately

Most Helpful

Had accepted a role as AVP for US investments recently in Dubai. Have about 7 YOE in Canada but was laid off in Q1. The market has been bad and wasn’t seeing any activity or jobs pick up.  And needed funds to pay a mortgage

will have to relocate and was thinking of doing this until Q1 24 - this would 5-6 months of experience. And come back to Canada thereafter with a nest of about 6 months. 

would employers understand my situation? I figure it’s a better story than being laid off since Q1 and at least this move would show perseverance and knowledge gained from US transactions. Thoughts?


Congrats on the new role.
Mind if I ask how you went about sourcing the role? Was it a particular recruiter outreach or did you proactively reach out to a specific recruiter?

Asking as I’m considering making a similar move in light of layoffs


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