Capital Markets - Market Rate for Commission Splits

I joined a Capital Markets team at a boutique CRE advisory company. Initially, I was hired on to act in a supporting role to top producers on the team. Managing DD processes, UW, Prepping presentation material, etc... I came on with a small base salary and participated in 3% of the fee allocated to the team's split.

Upon starting, it was apparent I had the fundamental knowledge to start producing myself. In my downtime, I started making calls, forging connections, and chasing business. Since then, I have signed up a deal that will generate a ~60k fee for the company. (With both a sponsor and lender that was not in the database previously)

With the deal set to close in the coming weeks, the head of the Cap Markets team wants to meet to talk about commission splits on the deals where I have 100% origination credit.

I'm wanting to go into this meeting prepared with what is "market comp" at other brokerages. Any thoughts? 

Sidenote - I am at a smaller boutique firm. Not a CBRE, JLL, etc.. 

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