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Hi guys,

Anyone have any insight into Colliers Capital Markets team? Seems they have some huge brokers that came over from JLL and others in the past few years. Only thing is I haven't been able to find much in ways of recent deals in NYC with their team.

I'm looking into the Analyst position on the team and am assuming their deal flow is close to a CBRE, JLL, Newmark, Cushman. To me they seem the be a step below the first three, but anyone who's worked there or knows the market well set me straight? Do they close a lot of deals?

I even looked up top brokerage firms in NYC from TRD and they weren't listed.


Peter Nicoletti's team is who you are referring to. I worked with him at JLL and he killed it.

I also interviewed for this role late last year and seemed like they needed someone in a hurry, which I wasn't. But with the new posting, I think the team must be expanding so deal flow is there 100%. Peter is a dog and has great connections. The role will be worked like IB hours but the pay (bonus) is uncapped for a team of that caliber. 


Got it and since I'm coming in with experience what are your thoughts if I tried to get on the team as a broker? Different grind, but if it's in capital markets still seeing deal flow and executing right? I have calls set up for next week.

Can you explain the group dynamic? Seems there's 15 guys in the NY office on the cap markets team, are they all running around by themselves? Working together?

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You can try to get on as a broker, but I would bet Peter would want to see a decent track record of institutional closings first, do you have that? Because that is what his team focuses on. If not, you will have a better chance on the analyst role, but I am not 100% certain since I’ve never done it.

Group dynamic was explained below. Peter came in basically saying I am the top dog and his record shows that. I think Collier’s is giving him leeway to buildout his team and I totally agree that they will be a top player in New York very soon. At JLL, it was a bullpen of analysts and some associates and you take on deals from an inbox. That may have changed but you should have the chance to work with different producers on different deals. The analysts more than likely do not work together unless it’s a complicated deal or if you are new and getting onboarded. They are really there to support the producers and answer minor questions from the other analysts.


Platform was overhauled last year and the team of Scott Latham, Rich Baxter, and Yoron Cohen were basically pushed out as they disappointed after their move from JLL. Pete Nicoletti came aboard last summer and I think is a significant upgrade over that group. Guy has one of the most impressive resumes in the industry. I'll be surprised if they aren't one of the top IS and D/E platforms in NYC over the next few years.  


I agree despite the other comment. I look at it on the cap markets side as Darcy's team #1, Harmon Spies #2 and there aren't many teams that compete, but still these guys will get high profile deals and crush compared to even the average team at Cushman, CBRE, etc. 

It depends where you're coming from and if you can land on Aaron Appel's team. I think it's a great spot especially now with where the NY market is, but on the debt/equity side there may be more opportunities than say investment sales/cap markets.


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