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I'm in my 2nd year working for a major real estate buy side player in austria. Im working within the Asset Management but looking for a shift to another field in the RE sector because the current position lacks intellectual demand. Im excited to learn challenging things but I just dont know where I have to go to get real experience. I was thinking about REPE, REIB or RE M&A. Can anyone consult which path has the highest learning curve? Also how hard is it to find a position in London? What skills are required, what are they looking for in a candidate?



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It'sFreeRealEstate, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Technically REIB (at a bank not a broker) will have the highest learning curve as its IB but its not really Real Estate if we are honest. Just look for activities you want to do on a daily basis on the job and then adjust your career accordingly. Also in regard to your other questions REPE should be possible, REIB at a broker as well (not really at a BB tho). Acquisitions should also be possible but mostly at a smaller fund. Funds in London will need to sponsor you which is an extra hurdle (esp. for small funds) but luckily for you German speakers are sought after at the moment.

Risky.business, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Great! So for REIB you need skills and experience in M&A I suppose? What else should I focus on, what do they need, how do I qualify and what skills are necessary?

As I don't have any M&A experience do you think it makes sense to gain certificates? It would be the only solution as I see it right now if I dont want to give up my current Job for an M&A position just to gain experience there to switch to another job.

On the current job I can also work on RE transactions which would be great experience for REIB.

It'sFreeRealEstate, what's your opinion? Comment below:

The skills required (at least to pass the interview) are purely knowledge on financial concepts (at analyst level). You could use certificates like the CFA to try and break in but not sure its worth the hassle. Just try to lateral into for example a Transaction Advisory position at a Big 4 (with RE focus) and then go into Banking. Networking will be your friend here.

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It'sFreeRealEstate, what's your opinion? Comment below:

If I were you I would firstly find out which one out of those options interests me the most and then adjust accordingly. An investment role at brookfield and other MF's is quite hard to get, so it would be hard if you are not already coming from a brand name, especially if u want to get into acquisitions (for that u should expect a downgrade in the pedigree of the fund). Just find out out where your real interests lie and then aim for that.

Risky.business, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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