Is Nitya Capital on the brink?

Heard the situation is pretty bad there. Apparently they're never lost money on a single deal and they're 73-0 with a decent IRR. But now they have a bunch of apartments below a DSCR of 1.00 because they bought so many apartments in 2021 with floating rate debt. They're pumping money into the apartments to stay afloat. Any idea how long they'll be able to do this?

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You mean the Nitya Capital that made this cringe video...that Nitya Capital?

You mean the Nitya Capital that hired a firm to do 1m views on that said cringey video. That Nitya Capital?

Is this the same Nitya Capital that the CEO talks about humble he is and how humbling his humbleness is? That Nitya Capital?

The same Nitya Capital that claimed 40% IRRs but then backed out low performing assets in the calculation by claiming theyre part of a separate portfolio? That Nitya Capital?

Is this the same Nitya Capital that tried to copy a competitors software by pretending to be a customer while it tried to develop the exact same software?…

Ahh yes, Nitya Capital, the greatest humble CEO and more humbler than anyone you ever met.

Well according to that video above at the 30 second mark, he apparently won an award for "Banking & Capital Markets". I love how it doesnt mention who issued the award, but based on my read of the video its some award made up in the CEOs head. It's like me awarding myself "Coolest Badass". I thought Cardone was low, but wow this guy takes the douche cake.

Met him at a speaker panel once. Founder Dude came across as someone who is very boastful/showy about his fund and experiences. Says more than what is actually there. Was not a great first impression.

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