PLEASE RATE MY RESUME. Real Estate Analyst position desired

Hello everybody, 

I have been applying for CRE analyst positions at firms such as JLL and CBRE. I have reached out to several people and am trying to make connections with them to help me land this dream job of mine. I majored in Finance and Real Estate and I know this is the job that fits me best and what I want the most. 

RE financial modeling is what I want to get good at and I guess one of my questions is where can I take a course to really become a pro at it? 

I spoke with a Senior Managing Director from JLL and asked for some tips to help land a job. He told me that most RE Analyst positions now just expect you to know the job. I have a general idea of financial modeling since I took a course on it in college and have done some at my current job. But I need to become better in order to get one of these jobs. Currently, I am in Commercial Sales and Leasing and want to get out of it. 

Please look at my resume and let me know if anything sounds dumb. I am trying to get one of these Analyst positions in NYC and any support would be really appreciated. 

Thank you 

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On the Excel side can't recommend Justin Kivel's courses on Udemny enough. You can take individual courses that should be $20 for 5-10 hours of content. Great way to get the basics down and I would say buy Peter Linnemans textbook to really make sure you know the basics. Seems you have that covered with your current experience and candidly it's just a tough market and not necessarily a persons experience.


Funny I just saw Justin Kivel's course and I'm buying it to brush up on my skills. Besides Real Estate Analyst, are there any jobs that are similar or as a pre-requisite to analyst? Because to be honest, the job I currently have on my resume is a commission-based job where not much is going on right now. It's not the worst company but it's just dead with the team I am on. I have not made money in months and it's really becoming a problem now. So any advice would be really appreciated 

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A.CRE accelerator is a bit expensive but very well-versed. 

Honestly, look into Agencies for Multifamily, as MF is doing a bit better than Office, Retail, and Commercial right now. Go to an Agency, aka Fannie or Freddie, and work on teams and try to get a client-facing position either as a coverage or underwriter. Then you can usually hope to JLL or CBRE or Berkedia if you covered them. 

If you want to be in a different asset class, it's hard right now as the jobs are limited, and the teams are hit-and-miss. Most teams that have survived have picked off better employees on lower-rung teams as this has drawn on. 

Or go to a Consulting firm that specializes in Real Estate Advisory, or just go big four. 


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