RE Acquisitions vs REPE: hrs

Title sums up the question pretty well- for an analyst/ associate level employee, how would work life balance on the GP vs LP side differ? Specifically for jobs not in HCOL metros

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Which shop if you don't mind me asking?

CREnadian, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Generally work 50 hours on average, 60 during crunch time. If it's a huge deal or multiple live at once that might push to 70 on occasion but generally 60 is the upper limit.

Know some guys at the REPE shops in Canada are working IB hours, but ultimately it depends on individual shops and their culture. Not as black and white as GP vs. LP.

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Depends on if you're an analyst/associate/VP, amount of active deals, economic state (like now vs 2021), etc.. The lower on the totem pole you are, the more hours you're typically working, the more active deals that have strict timelines the more you're working, and when there just aren't deals out there that make sense like now then people aren't really that busy and not working as much. I would say that analysts/associates are working about 50-60 hours at the most in Dev unless there are some hard deadlines coming up, but given the long time period of how development works it is a lot of updating constantly rather than completely making new models every time costs are updated or adjusting market rents monthly. On the LP and REPE side I would say that 60 hours is to be expected when there are deals flowing and up to 70-80 hours if there are multiple active deals. In general the hours are pretty great compared to other investment types (HF, PE, IB), and not that people are loving no deals transacting but currently I would say that our analysts are only doing 40-45 hour weeks because we are pencils down for the most part except the occasional off market deal that has an attractive cap rate

2for1, what's your opinion? Comment below:

RE Acq. vs REPE? 

Man what the fuck are you talking about - those are synonyms. There should be a "special guys" forum

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