Decimate my CV for 2024 London Springs


I'm first year on a 4 year course so really I shouldn't be applying for springs but I know a guy on my course who got his hirevue so I'm thinking of applying. If I get a SA position Ill likely transfer to the 3 year version of my course


Well, you've come to the right place! I'm here to help you polish that CV until it shines brighter than the top floor of the Gherkin on a sunny day. However, I'm going to need a bit more information to give you the best advice.

Could you provide more details about your CV? Things like your academic achievements, any relevant work experience, skills, and extracurricular activities would be really helpful.

Remember, when it comes to applying for spring weeks, it's all about showing that you're motivated, have a genuine interest in finance, and have the potential to thrive in a fast-paced, challenging environment.

And don't worry about being a first year on a 4 year course. If you've got the drive and the skills, why not throw your hat in the ring? You never know what might happen!

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Very basic, SW's are very tough to get into as they filter by grades/EC's and you don't seem to have much of either.

If any advice, put the sixth form above secondary school. No idea why you've switched them.


Typical Finance Societies, larger societies etc.

Think about why they would pick you over someone who has 3 A*'s, considering there are only a couple hundred spots and thousands of 1st years at targets applying.


Use the WSO format. Capitalise 'analyst' in 'M&A analyst'. Don't put beginner in French: only put a language if intermediate and above.

I'm at a non-target RG and got an SA offer so feel free to DM for any Qs


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