5 Schools to Apply to UK

I dont have the GCSE grades to even think of applying to top schools like LSE, Oxbridge, and some semis like Durham. 

I'm sitting my A-level exams privately Psychology, Business, and Politics might swap this for maths. If I were to achieve all A's predicted what targets do you think I would have a reasonable chance of getting into? 

Edit: Would be cool if some of these schools offered a study abroad for America as I hope to eventually move and progress my career further there.


If you are actually going to get AAA and have AS exams to back it up then:

1. LSE or Durham (only one or the other, it's doable even with mediocre GCSEs)

2. Warwick

3. St Andrew's

4. City

5. Manchester

You could do Edinburgh instead of LSE, or Glasgow instead of St Andrew's, or Surrey or East Anglia as a certain spot but those are the 5 I'd go with.


i am doing physics, chemisry , biology and philisophy as a levels and i have a core mathematics AS. i have mediocre gcse with 5 in maths. i did foundation, i regret not taking a level maths. what unis do u think i should get into, am considering econ at notts cuz they dont require maths and finance at durham, also will managment at warwick get me any far?? i want to get into IB.


A 5 is really not great- that will be a pretty big red flag for most targets, Nots seems possible but also idk you a level grades so you could have enough to make up for gcses or Nots might be a reach if those Mark's are carried over.

You should also take serious efforts to improve quantitative skills as they are very important in IB.


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