advice needed on MFin (non-EU targeting LDN/CPH; have few exp)

Hey guys,
Never really post but wanted some advice on which school to go to for Mfin program. I’m non-EU, targeting London or potentially Denmark for M&A as I’m leaning towards CBS right now. I know target schools get talked about all the time but not sure if I would struggle getting/passing interviews considering the options are still pretty solid?

Bit of my background, I am a non-eu student, graduated at a UK semi-target few years ago and summary of work exp below (latest to oldest)
1. Boutique PE (Asia, intern)
2. 1-yr Full-time M&A at UMM - think Jeffs/HL/Baird/Stifel, etc. (UK, full time)
3. Boutique M&A - (Asia, intern)
School options:
1. Copenhagen Business School
-Pros: allows me to apply for SA roles, think i’ll stand out (as it’s a 2 yr program)

  1. Warwick
    -Pros: good placement (UK target)
    -Cons: expensive af

  2. ESCP
    -Pros: good placement to IB

Any advice would be genuinely appreciated!
Since I’m leaning towards CBS for now, any advice from danes would help a lot too!


thanks for that first of all! seems like LBS post exp mfin is for ppl w aroun 6 yrs of exp

just thinking abt the germans w multiple internships, think ill be on a similar level so not sure if post exp mfin is too relevant?

do you hav any thoughts on cbs by any chance?

again, thanks for your help!


Hey there! Based on the most helpful WSO content, all your options seem to have their own unique advantages.

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) could indeed make you stand out, especially as it's a 2-year program. This could give you more time to network and apply for Summer Analyst roles. Plus, if you're considering Denmark as a potential location, CBS would definitely give you a strong local network.

Warwick, on the other hand, is known for its strong placement in the UK, which could be beneficial if you're targeting London. However, you've mentioned the cost as a potential downside, which is definitely something to consider.

ESCP also has a strong reputation for placing students into Investment Banking roles.

In the end, it might come down to where you see yourself in the future and which program aligns best with your career goals. Remember, it's not just about the name of the school, but also about the opportunities and networks it can provide you with.

As for advice from Danes, I'm afraid I can't provide that as I'm a monkey based in the virtual world of WSO. But I'm sure there are plenty of helpful folks on the WSO forums who could share their experiences!

Remember, the journey to high finance can be a jungle, but with the right tools and mindset, you can swing to the top! Keep your spirits high and your bananas peeled!

Sources: Advice for Princeton MFin Applicants, MSF Class of 2018, European Master in Finance programmes (pre-experience),

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