Advice on GMAT/GRE Preparation

I plan on taking the GMAT in 3-4 months. Aiming for a score of 750-800. I am a senior and will likely apply to a few deferred MBA programs. Would appreciate recommendations on prep books or courses. In addition, is there any benefit to taking the GRE over the GMAT? Thank you in advance. 

I'm more of a fan of the GRE over the GMAT purely for the reason that you can use a calculator for the GRE and not for the GMAT. I think its dumb to have to worry about doing long division and stuff and estimating numbers when calculators are bountiful in the real world.

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We've written a blog post about this exact topic! GMAT vs. GRE: What test should I take?

In short, you should take the GRE:

The GRE has an easier quantitative section, is easier to take, works for any graduate program application, is equally good for any business school application, and puts you up against a less competitive field for those business school applications. It’s no wonder that students are switching from the GMAT to the GRE in droves.

If you’re looking for an excellent GRE program that leverages technology to help you reach your highest potential, take a peek at Achievable GRE completely free. You can see if our program and methodology work well for you.

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