American making move to EU via Masters


I am a 24 year-old US citizen with 2 years of experience in Sales(1yr) & Trading(1yr) at a European bank looking to make a move to Europe. I'd like to work in either London, Paris, or Switzerland (native Spanish an English speaker). Outside of a lateral/internal move, I am also strongly considering a masters degree. I created a short list of options but I am unsure if these are suitable for me given my experience and I would prefer to recruit at a higher level than Analyst. Regarding the variety of studies, I am interested in IB/PE/REPE but also programming, which is why I added TUDelft (any other CS masters recommendations would be appreciated, even Real Estate). Given the risk I am taking to pursue my "dreams", I prefer applying to the best programs I can achieve. 

  • LBS - MFin or MFA (strong connections in London)
  • HEC Paris - MIF
  • Bocconi - MFin (cheapest and in a country I would like to live in while studying)
  • LSE - MFin or MSc in Real Estate
  • Imperial - MSc Computing or MSc Mathematics and Finance
  • TUDelft - MSc Computer Science
  • University of St. Gallen
  • Upenn MCIT (Online masters program)

LMK if any other questions.


Hey there,

Sounds like you've got quite the adventure ahead of you! Based on the most helpful WSO content, here are some thoughts on your options:

  1. LBS MFin or MFA: LBS has a strong reputation and its location in London could provide you with ample opportunities for networking and job hunting in the city's robust finance sector.

  2. HEC Paris - MIF: HEC Paris is highly respected and could open doors for you in the French market. However, you'll need to consider the language barrier if you're not fluent in French.

  3. Bocconi - MFin: Bocconi is a top business school in Italy and could be a great choice if you're interested in living in Italy. The cost of living might also be lower compared to London or Paris.

  4. LSE MFin or MSc in Real Estate: LSE is another strong choice with a great reputation. The MSc in Real Estate could be particularly interesting if you're considering a career in Real Estate Private Equity.

  5. Imperial - MSc Computing or MSc Mathematics and Finance: If you're interested in programming, the MSc Computing could be a good fit. The MSc Mathematics and Finance could also be a strong choice if you're interested in more quantitative roles in finance.

  6. TUDelft - MSc Computer Science: This could be a good choice if you're interested in tech roles within finance or fintech startups. However, you'll need to consider the language barrier if you're not fluent in Dutch.

  7. University of St. Gallen: This Swiss university is well-regarded, especially in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. However, you'll need to consider the language barrier if you're not fluent in German.

  8. Upenn MCIT (Online masters program): This could be a flexible option that allows you to continue working while studying. However, you'll miss out on some of the networking opportunities that come with studying on campus.

Remember, the best program for you depends on your career goals, language skills, and personal preferences. Good luck with your decision!

Sources: Which masters to choose?,, European Master in Finance programmes (pre-experience), European Masters for US Students

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Look at ESCP MIM. Arguably number 2 name in France and advancing. Greta value and provides the opportunity to move between campuses and tailor your degree. Great networking also as it is a private school


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