Bocconi (Econ. and Management) or UK University (Philosophy) for undergrad

Hey guys,

Recently discovered this platform and looking around it has been very helpful. I am currently in Year 13 (final year of secondary/high school) and am interested in a career in IB in the future. 

I am in a bit of a tricky situation. I have been accepted for an undergraduate degree at Bocconi University in Milan (International Economics and Management). However, my academic interests lie in Philosophy. I am applying for Oxford, LSE, UCL, Durham and St. Andrews for Philosophy, and assuming I get offers from all except for Oxford this places me a difficult position. Would it be more beneficial for me to pursue Philosophy at undergrad. level (I am very interested and believe I could perform well in the degree) or to spend this time in Bocconi studying Economics and Management (I am capable of this I believe but I will enjoy it less to be honest - I do not speak Italian and would honestly rather be in the UK where I live and am familiar with). 

From what I can gather studying at LSE/UCL places you in a good position for IB recruitment in the future in London (where I live and would like to work), but all threads seem to be about studying some form of Economcis or Finance there, I have not heard about Philosophy graduates being drafted into IB internships and job roles. How does LSE/UCL/Durham etc. Philosophy compare to Bocconi E&M in terms of this? I have heard mixed things about Bocconi but have a basically unconditional place there (just need to pass my A-Levels). 

Is it mainly more about the Masters degree which I do afterwards - what would be a good route to pursue with this if I had a good grade on a Philosophy degree, and would it put be at a disadvantage having not studied Economics/Finance at undergrad level? If I were to pursue the UK route with Philosophy, how can I put myself in the best position for such roles in the future? 

Thank you so much and apologies for any naivety I show!


This ^^^^^^.

If your interested in Philosophy, it will only help you think/write which will benefit you in a long career. Learn the skills in a minor(s) but expect to also self study to close any knowledge gaps as you determine what you want to end up doing.


If you're aiming for IBD/PE/ER/fundamental HF stuff philosophy is fine. No one really cares what you study here. I did some random science degree and got on fine. Economics isn't really relevant to the day-to-day of these roles and the STEM preference is more noticeable for S&T and quant-related roles.

Study what you enjoy and will do well in. Undergraduate sellside recruiting is only getting more random in London and the degree you do is becoming more irrelevant.

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