Boston University MBA after BU DMD

Incoming dental student at BU starting D1 in july. Not a formal finance bro but I’ve been a years long lurker here and on the markets. 

thinking about possible opportunities with Questrom MBA while I’m here anyways

Really this started because I was looking at DMD/MBA at UPenn basically you get ur DMD from UPenn which is nice in it’s own right but then you get the mega lottery Wharton mba as well. V expensive but look you can be at the top of the food chain in both dentistry and finance/IB/vc with that pedigree. 

So from someone going into BU for their DMD I was thinking about seeing how I can get into their Questrom MBA which is prestigious in its own right ranked #15th vs Wharton at #3. I know BU does the MD/MBA formally, but I can’t imagine it would be that difficult to finesse my way into a sorta DIY DMD/MBA at BU

Purpose would be basically same as the opportunities for what you’d get outta a Wharton, albeit of course prestige is lower, it’s still well known enough to place Questrom MBAs into wallstreet (hopefully?)

How should I prepare for this as I begin D1 in July? I was a massive finance bro in undergrad on the side hobby throwing options around like darts and other ape like behavior so my acumen is somewhat there, just no formal education like finance BS. I had a chemistry BS Summa cum laude from non target state school undergrad. I really wanna go down this rogue path into climbing up the corporate dentistry chain via pedigree.

any ideas ?

Thanks all!

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