Can't decide on school (europe)

I got into a non target swiss school called HSLU(was on the ft finance list once) and I feel that it might be too 'weak' for my future

considering money and my profile, I could go to WHU or maybe imperial instead (don't really want to go to italy)

I don't speak german that well but I could learn, however till then I think whu is not worth it since I won't get a very good job either way.

and imperial or similar uk school is rather expensive

so im not sure if I should go for it since later on any job in switzerland would pay better than germany and uk even after a substantial investment in education.

what do you think?

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If money is an issue, there are some relatively cheap programmes in Europe: SSE (Free for EU students), RSM (€2.5k), HSG (€10k). They are all great schools who regularly place students in top roles.

I also plan on applying to top masters programmes that cost 40-50k but I will have to take out a loan. I see it as a good investment


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