Chances at Deferred Admit

Hello, wondering if I stand a shot at any of the top 5 deferred admit programs. Most interested in Booth and Sloan due to their quant course offerings. I know I stand no chance at HBS (due to what they look for in 2+2 apps) and Stanford (my profile is not unique at all - all admits seem to have very unique profile)


Demo: Gay white man (+disability)

School: lower T50, flagship state university UF/UGA/Texas A&M/ UT

GPA: 3.90 double major in statistics and economics

GRE: 164Q, 158V, 322 total (puts me around two points lower than the median admits for regular, unsure how stats differ for the deferred class profile)

Career: doing private equity and credit valuations for a large sell-side firm 

LoR: 1 amazing letter from someone I worked closely with as an intern (he is a director level Yale Law guy who is an amazing writer), yet to find an academic one

ECs: was treasury of university think tank (got my work published in a journal), worked on our school's VC fund (deploys 70k each year with funded start-ups receiving millions in addition capital in later rounds), volunteer work with disabled adults and as an educational coordinator for low income middle schoolers.   

Looking to do deferred admit so I can focus my time and effort on building out my firm's pride network. We don't currently have one, but I have already have some support from individuals in the firm. 

Looking to apply to H/S/W as well as Booth Scholar and Sloan's deferred admit program too. 

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  • Intern in IB - Cov
Jan 23, 2022 - 1:03pm

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