Chances for H/S/W 2+2?

Hi all,

Senior year deciding to apply for 2+2 MBA and would like to get your opinion on my chances, should I do it or wait?

School: Business student at Stern/Ross/McIntire/Haas
Gpa: 3.95
White male 
Job: summer top EB going back full time 
Extracurriculars: student-athlete with scholarship, vice-president of business club 
GMAT: scoring around 750

Honestly have no idea what these programs are looking for. I have no entrepreneurial experience, being an athlete left me with no time but would love to get any feedback on the strength of my application.

I am not too sure about the MBA route but would love that have that down as a backup plan. 

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  • Consultant in Consulting
Jan 16, 2022 - 5:54pm

HBS 2+2 requires you to be an engineer or a minority. They're explicit about this. No chance here.

Stanford GSB deferred only takes like 30 crazy unique and impressive people annually. You have a good profile but nothing very special for a banker.

Wharton Moelis deferred program will take people with decent (or often even average Deloitte-tier) jobs and solid stats without anything especially unique or impressive. I think you have a 60% shot if you're a D3 athlete and a 75% shot if you're D1.

  • Intern in IB - Gen
Jan 16, 2022 - 6:13pm

Not OP here but I have a question, what can you do to increase your chances for Stanford? Still a junior but really want to apply to 2+2

  • Intern in IB - Gen
Jan 16, 2022 - 10:25pm

This is wildly wrong, while HBS 2+2 and GSB deferred state that they target STEM students it is by no means a requirement or exclusive, more than 50% of students that are admitted to these programs come from traditional business/econ majors. 

Agree with what you say about GSB and Wharton. 

Jan 16, 2022 - 11:37pm
marketMergerMaddie, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Gotta still add that you probably want some STEM in your background, otherwise it's gonna be pretty tough to get into HBS 2+2 in general. Know a few from my undergrad. 

Also, for GSB, know a pretty typical straight white male with finance background working in MBB who got GSB deferred, so you have to be smart, but don't have to be crazy. Still, it's that hardest program of these to get into. Only other people to get in from my undergrad were minorities including one at GS TMT who won a US Amateur (Golf). 

Jan 16, 2022 - 10:52pm
Purple9988, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You have a great profile for those schools. I would work on ensuring that your essay demonstrate why an MBA and why deferred.

Jan 17, 2022 - 1:05am
zeroebitda, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Like you pointed out yourself, you have no entrepreneurial experience and are going the traditional IB path. If your essay does not answer the "Why 2+2 vs traditional MBA in a couple years" question well, they will not take you. Have heard firsthand that they see a ton of top PE/IB seniors apply for 2+2 because of the "shiny thing syndrome", where they're always looking for the next "shiny thing" that they want. In this case, it's the top bschool name and brand. Would recommend you speak with some of those who did 2+2 and ask for their advice. Best of luck. 

  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Jan 18, 2022 - 6:26pm

Had very similar stats, but my GPA was 3.8, and I got the interview but didn't get selected for the program. I think your stats are great but keep in mind, everyone's stats are really good. What matters at this point would be your essays and your rec letters- that's how you will get the interview. The interview imo was easy, like basic why Harvard, why an MBA, etc- but my interviewer was super rude and didn't care what I had to say.

Good luck

  • Intern in IB - Gen
Jan 18, 2022 - 6:54pm

For HBS? So you don't need to be diverse?

  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Jan 18, 2022 - 7:00pm

HBS and MIT- got interviews for both for the early program during senior year of college (didn't get in tho) .

These aren't diversity programs but are a little more geared towards STEM majors or stuff aside from business (but business is still fine). Just look at their stats online about people that got in. Everyone from finance to history qualifies.

I have 3 friends that got in who were finance, engineering, and political science. If that helps

  • Prospect in Consulting
Jan 19, 2022 - 11:00am

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