College Decisions! Do I go with the bird in the hand or the two in the bush?

Hello Monkeys, I am a senior in highschool who will be committing to university within the week. My options right now are Villanova School of Business (60k), UMD Smith (30k), and OSU Fisher (30k). I have also been waitlisted to UVA and Notre Dame which I would also highly consider if accepted.

I am undecicive and am looking for advice and reccomendations during this time as I plan the next chapter of my life. What would be the best school in terms of academics, finance recruiting, and value? What path would prepare me most for future success?

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I’m an American highschooler in the northeast. Sorry I may have confused some with my wording. 

I have always been interested in finance, and aim to one day have a job in ER, PM, IB, or PWM. I am a 4.0 student with many Ecs, but as nondiversity I was kinda shafted this year from many colleges. I just want to get an opinion from someone else as I do not know many people or students in the industry. 


Ok, but why did you post your follow up reply from a different account than your original post? And why did you say that you're an American high schooler? Nah, no American high schooler would would ever describe himself as an American high schooler. So what's your deal? What are you getting out of this? I'm interested in this market for bananas.


I wouldn’t spend 2x on Villanova.  I don’t know that I’d even spend 1x on Villanova, but certainly not 2x.

Choose OSU or Maryland depending on whether you like good football or bad football.

Then if you get off the waitlist at ND or especially UVA then go there. 


Obligatory uva alum here but many of my classmates had offers right out of school. Def consider if you are certain you can get into McIntire. 


Like poster above, the use of university is really distracting me. This may be a bot. Or a very pretentious midwesterner??


I say go Ohio St and go to UVA or ND if taken off the waitlist. I think Fisher is slightly stronger than Maryland and would be a lot more fun to attend. 

If you love Nova by all means go, but it won’t give you a huge leg up recruiting. Know a handful of people that have done very well for themselves but they still struggled to break in coming out of there. 


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