Does course at UK Unis even matter for IB placement anymore?

Hey all,

Just doing some research for UK Unis for Undergraduate studies, and I'm just wondering - does it all even matter what course you pick? Are you able to get into a good economics masters program even with, say, a degree in philosophy or business management?



Why would you want to get into an economics masters program?

For IB recruiting: Generally course doesn’t matter if you go to a target, especially if it’s in STEM/economics (even things like biology/biochemistry are fine)

could argue that degrees that sound outwardly weak, like education, are tough sells. Philosophy should be fine.


Course doesn’t really matter for IB, although marginal advantage to STEM/econ and as per above, something openly soft will disadvantage you (I.e. philosophy won’t, but classics might). It matters a lot more for quant roles and S&T, however.

Re the MScs, you won’t get into a top econ programme (as opposed to a professional focused business/finance programme) if you haven’t done some econ in UG. Know tons of people (including myself) who applied with STEM Firsts from targets for econ programmes and nearly all of us got rejected. Only way you’re getting into econ MScs from something else is if you have very, very strong quant and data analysis skills, far better than your average STEM or econ student because you need to offer something else to the class. 


I'd say course matters, though it matters less than university. Certain courses just attract smarter/harder working people (i.e, the people worth interviewing) than others. This is even shown by the entry tariffs and subject requirements to study them. At most of my ACs, the lionshare have been stem/econ/fin.


Yeah this. The extent at which your school matters over things like diversity and coming across as interesting is diminishing too.


100%. If you're coming the cream of the crop, you might see some Oxbridge people with History of Geography degrees, but they are rare. Most people in IB will still have a quantitative subject and that is what puts them on the radar. Additionally, degree relevance can help distinguish you in situations where you might be at a semi-target or competing against people from a higher-tier school e.g., and Accounting and Finance degree from Imperial won't be better than the same degree from LSE, but might beat out someone who did Sociology at LSE. Bottom line is, focus on getting into the course you like with the most relevance for IB from the best school you can get into. 

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