Durham University Finance for Undergrad

Hi there, 

I've received an offer to study Finance at Durham University and was wondering if anyone had any insight that they would like to share regarding the university and - specifically - their Finance course. 

I'm an international student from Scandinavia who's interested in a potential career in Finance. I admittedly do not know a lot about the different job opportunities for undergrads but I'd like to attend a university that would give me the appropriate opportunities to break into industries such as IB. Besides placement opportunities, I'm serious about getting an applicable education which will benefit me in the financial sector; in other words, I would like to gain relevant information regarding the plethora of different financial tools and strategies from my university degree.

I've also gotten an opportunity from City (Bayes/Cass business school). 

Appreciate any help! 

I actually ended up attending a smaller liberal arts college in the US. I have a friend who studies finance at Durham and the course has opened up a lot of great career opportunities for them. Last I heaard, they were working at a nice consulting firm in London. The course is supposed to be quite dead however. Apparently its very old-school/traditional with lots of reading straight from the textbook. 

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