Gneral Summarized Resume Advice, Top List of Target Schools for IB out of High School?

I am currently a Sophomore at the largest as well at one of the diversified and academically inclined Charter High School in the nation after leaving a smaller, less well known as well as slightly less challenging school in the Los Angeles district. Since the age of 13, I have always had a passion for finance, investing or any wealth compounding activities. Very early on, I created multiple UGMA/UTMA custodial accounts in which I had multiple portfolios and accounts, needless to say none of my family or my parents had any prior knowledge of much of anything relating to finances, except minor interest in their pensions. In addition to my interests of reselling bulk or new releases on sneaker/clothing items, after studying how to view and utilize every tool, product, fundamental or intraday analysis, I opened a small YouTube channel at 13 discussing how pupils of all ages and backgrounds can invest in almost all sectors/industries using specific products available for all cash accounts as well as live trading and technical analysis sessions immediately at market open before I leave for school as well as some fundamental and financial analysis later towards the day. I remember mentioning a list of Bulge Bracket Investment Banking firms I would like to join in the future within this channel in 8th Grade. Could including any of this be beneficial towards my transcript? I am currently enrolled in the Global Business & Finance "Major" program at my high school instead of a traditional guaranteed curriculum plan to attend future business Decathlons possibly across the country. I am in an accelerated math course(only one year ahead) and have completed my foreign language requirements early as well as fluently in Spanish, mostly from dozens of trips to Spain for my family. I am also planning to add at least a couple AP classes for my Junior year and am currently maintaining around a 3.8 GPA. I do have a minor concern regarding my 2nd semester of freshman year though. Freshman year first semester I maintained a 3.83 GPA unweighted, but in the 2nd semester there was a specific class using mastery grading which was new combined with some issues during the year and I ended up receiving a very low(but not failing) grade in a specific class, which I retook over the summer and received a B also as opposed to a usual A. This significantly decreased my initial GPA for the 2nd semester of Freshman year, but eventually my cumulative GPA of all four years should weigh out. In your opinion, what years of high school academic transcripts are most closely viewed by Universities during applications? Before completing my Senior Year of high school I would like to finish my learning/understanding of Mandarin and German, as well as perfect my Spanish as a way to reflect unique skills and abilities which could be useful in Global Markets. This is a brief overview with descriptions of what someone might find if they asked or searched about me, not exactly a resume for right now but I am open to all advice/critique. Finally, what is the list of top target universities for IB. I am 100% willing to attend school and end up obtaining my career on the east coast as I currently live in the west coast, but also do plan to achieve an MBA and CFA while attending University in the next few years. 

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out of your mind if you think im reading all that lmaooo

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Maybe it takes a certain amount of care to critique a well thought out passage so I understand it's kind of a lecture. It is still broad but if anything catches your eye, advice is much appreciated. 

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What year of school do they teach paragraphs?

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - Bruce Lee

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Homie prob on mobile judging by the Apple ID login.

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Wow you're right I honestly didn't think about it. I was honestly was just typing away but I'll make sure to organize it better next post since I'm not sure I can edit it. 

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I'll bite. First of all, this post is completely TMI - we don't need a play by play of your high school grades and transfers to answer this question. And, you should change your username from what I presume is your real name. The Internet doesn't forget.

As for the substance of your question, there's a ton of cringe recruiting college tier lists on this site, but at the end of the day, banks recruit a lot from Ivy, Ivy+ type schools, state schools that often have undergrad business programs or strong academic reputations like the top UCs and Mich/UVA/IU etc., and top liberal arts colleges. There's differences in the quantity, quality, and ease of access to opportunities available at each of these schools to be sure, but if you come from one of these schools with a strong GPA and work ethic, you'll have a good shot at placing somewhere interesting. 

Frankly, for you right now, I would recommend developing other interests than finance instead of considering this question, or at least making sure you can couch your interest in finance in a strong personal story that shows other qualities of yourself.

Your average college admissions staffer majored in English, led tours for prospective students around campus while in college, and had no idea what to do after graduating so got hired at their alma mater. They probably aren't going to be impressed or all that interested and might even be somewhat put off if you come off too dry and pre-professional. "Holistic" may be a buzzword for race-based admissions in the U.S., but the more conventional definition also applies.

Focus instead on the tasks at hand: getting strong grades, doing well in your extracurriculars, and having fun while you don't have to earn your keep (presumably given my reading of your background).

If you do that and get lucky (shit happens, take nothing for granted), you'll be in a great spot to split hairs with the cringey legions of Prospect in IB - Gen anon accounts when choosing between your acceptance letters in your senior year.

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ChattyTrader03, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Yes, you're right I will change my username asap as it was automatically set to my iCloud email with full name included instead of my actually full name for some odd reason lol. Thank you for giving a very thorough and in-depth answer since I understand this passage lacks better paragraph spacing which I will improve on. Do you also have any advice regarding gaining entry positions/internships or networks on campus. In other words what got you towards an analyst position?

s921, what's your opinion? Comment below:

 Don't change it to your name, just make up a pseudonym. Someone could Google your name in 4 years and this might come up.

Investing clubs and sometimes IB recruiting specific clubs (depending on the school) are the main route. Other than that it's cold emailing alumni or nepotism/existing networks for sophomore/freshman internships. I got lucky off LinkedIn Jobs. They aren't explicitly necessary though, only helpful. I went into junior summer internship recruiting (which started before I knew what I was doing sophomore summer) with nothing other than my student investment club and a strong GPA and still got BB, EB interviews.

There's little you learn at your freshman/sophomore internship program that will be truly transferable or transformative; it's just a way to signal interest in finance, which can be done through other ways like knowing what you're talking about in an interview/coffee chat.

ChattyTrader03, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Ok thank you I will definitely take that into consideration. By the way, when you said that it's possible someone could find posts on these forums through a google search but would posts on IB forums have a negative effect if they were to come up from google results? I would think it might show early passion and interest in more information. Also, are there any clubs, groups or anything I could network with or cold email during my high school years?

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