Help me choose college (ivey vs ucd) (international student)

I'm a recent highschool graduate from India struggling to choose which university to attend. I have AEO from Ivey at Western and an offer from University College Dublin (Ucd). I ultimately want to work in high finance (ib/vc) or consulting.

If I choose Ivey, it will cost me around CAD 150,000 in tuition for 4 years. On the other hand, I can study for free in UCD as I received a full tuition scholarship.

I understand that Ivey has a better reputation, alumni network and placements but is it worth the 150k? UCD's economics and finance program is also highly regarded across Ireland and it has a good reputation among employers in the country. I believe competition in the job market is also supposed to be less in Ireland compared to Canada where there kids form many well known institutions like Queens, mcmaster, rotman, and ubc fighting for the same roles? Please help me choose, I need to decide asap as I start classes this fall!! 

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Ivey is probably the better choice in terms of achieving your goal. The high finance scene in Ireland is definitely not robust. You’ll most likely be trying to break into the London finance scene which is also tough competition wise. UCD also wouldn’t stand out in that situation.

Ivey is very well regarded in Canada and probably the most represented (can be debated).

Is it worth the cost? That depends on how bad you want to achieve your goal.

If you’re going to take a loan for the whole amount, you probably want to give it more thought.


Ivey is by far the best school in Canada for finance. They go crazy in the US.


Ivey has the largest alumni network in the US of any Canadian school from my experience.


My parents will help me out with the tuition but it is still quite a significant amount so i am still debating between my options. From what I understood from WSO and reddit discussions and some research on Linkedin, Ireland mostly has middle and back-office roles


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