Is a Top MBA possible?

Hi all,

I am incoming analyst at a Mid-Tier BB, at one of the best groups. My plan is to hopefully end up UMM, but with my background I think MM is a lot more realistic unfortunately.

I am hoping to provide some info about me and my background so I can hopefully gauge if a top MBA is possible for me.

I came over here when I was 20 to study via my father who lived in the states. I got a full scholarship for soccer but got injured and lost my scholarship at my 4 year. Due to my disappointment I joined the Marine Corps, but COVID happened during bootcamp, got sick and got medically discharged from there. 

I am basically 2 years in the US at this point and hopeless. I started driving for UberEats during COVID and made some money to enroll into community college. I should note by now my GPA from my freshman year was 2.7, and after another year at CC it got up to 3.0. 

I found out that if I transfer to a state school, my GPA will be wiped clean. So it did, I graduated with a 3.8 and with a lot of hustle, trial and error — somehow landed a FT gig, a lot of people said it was impossible, but here I am. 

I used to teach children soccer for free (posted ads on NextDoor if any low income families need coaching, I will do it free of charge) but eventually got banned by local soccer camps due to not having a license, they called the cops on me lol. 

now I volunteer teaching children chess in my free time, I mention volunteering because I heard MBAs love that, maybe I am wrong.

There is a lot more to my life, and I know I would be capable for any fund, but I think my background will hinder me due to me being a mega non target. 

however, if I got stellar recommendations and scored 750 on GMAT, is a top MBA still possible? 

do I try lateral to GS/MS?

What can I do? Am I hopeless?

edit: I dropped myself basically when I healed my injury from my freshman year as I was mad and just frustrated, I had friends who I met that were military hence joining. I was never officially a marine as I got dropped about 1.5- 2 months into bootcamp, right before we were supposed to go up north to camp pen.

edit2: i joined marine corps because i got citizenship via my father so i do not have visa/greencard problems type

edit3: i paid for community college and my 4 year all on my own. Thank you ubereats, during pandemic made $600 a day driving haha

thank you 


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