Laurier BBA or Waterloo AFM

Ontario Grade 12 student right now preparing to apply to university next month when applications open, I was just wondering which program would be better in terms of employment outcomes assuming I don't get into Western Ivey or Queen's Commerce as I know that those 2 programs have really low acceptance rates. I am crossing out Rotman/Schulich as I have heard some very bad things about those programs on this forum + they have way too many international students (I'll still apply to them though). So that begs the question, Laurier BBA or Waterloo AFM?

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If you know to be on this forum, go to Ivey. This is not a question. Get your mid 90s, be the president of some random club, and get into Ivey. (I do not go to Ivey). Also, I would apply to McGill too, they do well but not as well as Ivey/Queens.

Don't rule out Schulich too quickly, I like the program and everyone I've met there has been cool and they place fine relative to the size of their program and number of aspirants for banking. I would go to Laurier before AFM, Laurier puts out some crazy placements like straight to buyside at Ares etc.

Just to reiterate, get into Ivey and go to Ivey.

Disclaimer: this post is assuming you are not choosing to go to Queens or Ivey

AFM is a more technical program so you will get exposure to intermediate accounting and finance classes earlier than Laurier. Both programs frequently recruit for co-op placements in the fall and winter, which are less competitive so your odds of getting PE or IB exposure goes up. If you want to end up in the US, the best path forward is to land a good IB or PE gig within your first 2 or 3 co-ops and then leverage that experience to firms in the US as you won't get as many looks as Queens or Ivey. 

Laurier marks easier so your GPA will, on average, look better which can also help get looks for recruiting. Although I think AFM is a better program, from a strategic standpoint I think Laurier would be a better option. Laurier is also dramatically less expensive than AFM.

Hope this helps.

Laurier marks easy? Bro I don't know about you but all my friends at laz have significantly lower GPAs than every other business school I know of, but I also don't know anyone at AFM. In terms of co-op I agree, only competing against other offcycle kids and its so OP. Burgundy and Altas are the two places you want to land at Laurier if you want to go US.

As someone who goes to laurier i can tell you this shit is easier than hs lol - if the ppl u know have lower gpas, i can assure you their gpas wont be higher in afm.

As somebody currently at Laurier, it certainly is not a difficult program in any respect, but AFM is easier.

I speak with experience helping many friends through a range of subjects (across finance, economics, accounting, etc.), AFM is no more technical than Laurier.

The only upsides to AFM over Laurier is guaranteed coop versus a relatively competitive coop process and maybe the Waterloo brand carries more weight internationally, a derivative of its popularity in STEM.

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