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I’m currently holding offers for MSc Analytics and Management at LBS and Global MSc Management at LSE and highly conflicted as to which program to choose. Literally everyone around me is telling me to choose LSE because it has a better brand name but I’ve read on this forum and elsewhere that LBS is the better brand for business and is more practical. Their MIM program is also very highly ranked whereas the LSE one is not ranked at all. However, I really like LSE as a university and think I would love the program. I did CS undergrad but now I want to move into consulting. Can anyone help me? Any advice insights or opinions will be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks all

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Congrats on both offers!

I think it depends on what you're looking for. At the end of the day, both are very very good schools with strong brand/reputation. I'm not sure what you wanna do because the MAM at LBS and the MIM at LSE are definitely different in terms of content learned. What I've learned is that at LBS you'll work much less, and you'll be able to have much more free time on your hands (whether that be to learn technicals, go to the gym, rizz some people up, etc.). Also, a final point to note that is that LSE is a top school for bachelors, whereas for a masters, I think LBS' programs are more recognized. 


thanks for your comment! for some reason I was under the impression that lbs would be really hectic and busier than lse (the admission officer told me that the first term is likely packed).


Current LBS student here-the MAM is way more geared towards data science (ie a bunch of classss on R, Python, etc) whereas I'm assuming the LSE one is a lot more generalist in terms of management. That being said, you can still see a bunch of MAM kids from LBS breaking into IBD/PE/other front office roles so you should still be fine.

In terms of brand, I'd argue they're on the same tier but the key difference is that each firm has set quotas per school which they can admit from and at LSE you'll be competing not just with other MSc students but also every single undergraduate student if you're eyeing internships.

Course content aside, I'd probably lean towards LBS for that alone. Hope this helps! :)


You are comparing a 1 year master to a 2 year master if I'm right so you should take this into consideration (fees wise and exchange wise). LSE GMiM gives you the opportunity to get 1 year abroad (HEC, Bocconi, St Gallen, etc) so it might be worth it in the end. As others said before, hard to advise without more information about your career path


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