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I need people thoughts on what are the steps I should take to go to a M7 school in the future with a not so great GPA. Overall GPA is 3.2, Finance major, compsci minor , non target school. Sales and trading internship , as past experience, and will start working at GS/MS/JPM at coverage group. Not diversity according to the system but a diversity background (immigrant, low income, etc, East Asian,). My goal is to focus on the GMAT and get a good score to try my best to offset the mistakes in the past. I do have a reason for a low gpa - which is personal. However I believe that my personal essay will speak a lot of volume as it is not a " traditional" background. So I was wondering what are your guys thoughts on what I can control/do going forward to ensure I have the best chances to go to a m7 4-5 years from now. I understand my gpa is trash but I am assuming it's not the end of the world since I did make it to IB at a top shop and as long as I do well on my gmat I should be somewhat fine?

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Fjsjrjdns, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hate to say it, but you have almost no chance as a 3.2 non-target non-diversity with standard background. You need to absolutely crush the GMAT 750+ before thinking about applying M7, but realistically you should focus on top 10-15 schools.

Maybe you could backdoor into an M7 1-yr program since you already have a finance background, but even then that might be tough.

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That's just not true. He might be able to get into 1 or 2 M7, despite his undergrad GPA. His work experience will be outstanding and his low GPA is partially offset by being in a STEM major. If he remains on a solid career trajectory and crushes the GMAT, he'll be fine 

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Fjsjrjdns, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Edit: Responding to Intern above 

Whatever, keep coping and telling the guy who went M7 about the class profile. Resume books are open to the entire class in MBA, and the reality is that white and asian guys just about always had a very strong GPA and/or target school on their resume PLUS a very strong GMAT. The only guys I saw with OPs kind of profile were ex-military, usually with some unique role in the armed forces, so just stop with the nonsense.

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I understand that I'm asain, I'm south East and cards are stack against me, but do you know they will be a little lieninet because I legit grew up dirt poor, to give context most of my class mates from high school are dropouts or they go to community college. I also got into my current college through higher education program, so just wondering if m7 schools would understand the situation

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I would just any advice on what not to do next, I understand that you think n it's impossible but I thought getting into IB was impossible, so I do have hope. Should I do 2 years IB > UMM PE.. etc to improve my chances

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Knew a guy from a semi-target who had an even worse GPA, no-name firm work experience and went to m7. Everything is possible. Obviously it is easier with a better GPA, but do your best on GMAT and keep that resume top tier. Story can be really important in the apps so I wouldn't throw in the towel yet. Good luck, I'm rooting for you!

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I think you'll be fine for most good programs, especially if you can get into PE. The quality of your work experience, how well you can speak to them, having a strong brand, having good essays etc can be viewed well. Try getting a 750+ gmat score to offset the gpa. Getting into H/S/W is difficult even for those with a high gpa.

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