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I'm in the process of applying for the MFIN at SSE (Dream school for its quality and affordability + want to live in Sweden). Wanted an opinion on my profile, and any suggestions other programs I should apply (want to work in finance or consulting in Sweden). Finally, an advice on how to improve my profile would be amazing (plan on applying next year if not accepted this one!). 

Age: 21 when I graduate. Spanish and Bolivian nationality.

Undergraduate: 7.5/10 (Minimum applying from Spain). Joint degree BSc. in Economics with a mention M1 in Quantitative Economics from UAM - PSL (Dauphine). UAM is middle tier at best, fortunately Dauphine is more recognised (Don't know how to convert the 7.5/10 to French grading).

International experience: Erasmus last year at Stockholm University in the Depts. of Economics and Statistics. Avg: 85/100 + Joint degree with Dauphine (currently based in Paris).

GMAT: 40 days to prepare it. Would 710 be enough for the MFIN? Guess 700 would be more than enough for the "Accounting and finance" master (not MFIN but just being at SSE is too good for me).

Extracurriculars: Volunteering as an academic mentor for students in the suburbs of Madrid. Last year my organisation won the national "volunteering award". I've done all my way through UG with merit and need scholarships, don't know if this matters. 

Languages: Spanish, English, French and a bit of Swedish


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Nov 24, 2021 - 6:38pm
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