MSc Finance - Warwick vs Bocconi

Hi guys,

Just started getting post-graduate responses back and thought I'd present my situation to you guys and get a feel of what you guys think.

Basic Info about me
- Swiss
- Currently in my final year of my undergraduate degree from a top Russell Group uni (expected to graduate with a first)
- Fluent in English, French and German
- No work experience whatsover
- 700 GMAT

I've applied to the following programs
- MSc Finance - Warwick (Conditional offer, nothing too wild so should achieve my offer)
- MSc Finance - Bocconi (Offer with no grade requirements)
- Risk Management and Financial Engineering - Imperial (haven't heard back yet but I reckon it would be my first choice).

I've heard about the appeal of Bocconi for putting people in the city and that the fact that you complete an internship is quite useful as I have 0 experience despite applying for 10 week internships at the end of my second year.

The appeal of Warwick is that being a top UK school it would (i think) increase my chances of working in London. But im not too sure on whether it carries that same appeal abroad (Continental Europe or US) that Bocconi has.

Also am I right in believing that out of all of them if I get accepted into Imperial I would have the best chance?

Im still unsure about where I'd end up but see London (English first language and the appeal of the city is hard to resist) and Zurich (obvious choice being Swiss) as the front running destinations so would like to know which offer do you reckon would most likely put me in course for a FO job at a BB.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best Response

If you have no experience don't do a 1-year master, shoot for a 2-years one and do an internship between the two MSc years

Also, why Risk Management and Financial Engineering instead of Finance? It doesn't sound relevant at all for a FO job in my opinion, especially looking at the Program Content

Honestly going for a Master without having any experience is nearly always a bad choice... I have seen so many people in top masters struggling to get an offer because they did not have any internship under their belt. Definitely try to get an internship for the upcoming summer


Thanks for your response,

Pretty much in line with what I was told in that Bocconi would be more attractive because of having 2 "shots" at getting an internship rather than 1.

Unfortunately I hadnt focused that much on trying to secure an internship for this summer and probably have left it too late now (poor advise from career adviser telling me to focus more on this year and applying for a masters and that lack of experience is not an issue at all)

Similarly I applied for the RMFE as I was told that the Finance MSc at Imperial requires at least 1 year of experience in Finance and that RMFE is the safest one for people with no experience and that i'd be able to stock up on my electives to shape my degree in a way to allow me to have a good shot at a FO job.


Sure. But there are many other masters that will be stronger than this one imo across Europe - obvious choice for you would be Saint Gallen, but you also have other strong schools in continental europe. Personally I am not convinced about this RMFE master, but I might be wrong

Overall, I would accept the Bocconi offer and focus on reaching out to boutiques / small companies in your area / get in touch with some contacts to get experience this summer. Applications for summer analyst positions (I assume this is what you aim for?) will open in August and it is unlikely that you get many interviews without an internship.


" I have seen so many people in top masters struggling to get an offer because they did not have any internship under their belt."

When you are saying this, are you referring to full time offers from the internship, or using the internships as leverage for interviews? I have two internships, currently doing one. But I do not think I will get an offer from them, because the Group is very small, and I do not think they need an additional employee.


I think that Warwick is more prestigious than Bocconi and you will also have the advantage of being closer to London.. Did they offer you a scholarship for tuition fees?


Thank you for your input,

No unfortunately neither of them offered me a scholarship.

Also got through to the interviewing stage at IE (Madrid) and UCL but my worry would be that UCL is behind LSE, Imperial and LBS in the London recruitment.


Congrats on the offers. I'd echo similar thoughts in that Bocconi has a very strong brand name and is well known across Europe. But, Warwick is definitely a strong recruitment ground for the BB's in London. Personally, I've seen many people from Warwick break into full-time roles at BB's without any experience. But that has been from from an undergraduate level, so I'm not sure how it is at the Masters level.

What I can say is that I did meet guy from Lazard who completed the Msc in Finance in Warwick. He did have a bit of experience, although that was from a industry outside of banking, and he broke in.

At the end of the day, I'm sure both will get your interviews at banks. From then on, it's less about the course and university, and more on you. All the best. You're in a good position.


Thanks a lot for the encouraging words and the stories you've shared, the general info I've received outside this forum echoes what you've said as well in that both will allow me to get my foot in the door and then its up to me which is the most I could hope for.

All the best to you too.


Picking Imperial as first choice would be a MASSIVE MISTAKE. Both Warwick and Bocconi are better :)

I would take Imperial msc finance over warwick msc finance any day of the week.


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