MSF - McCombs, Vanderbilt, MIT, Rochester Simon, USC Marshall - and other B-Schools.

Hello guys, I am planning on applying to MSF programs for fall 2023.

Just a gist about my background, I'm an international student from one of the top 5 B-schools in India with a 3.74 GPA, Majors CGPA 3.87/4, Double majored in Internaitonal Finance & Accountancy; FT Work Experience - nearly 1.5 years at a Big 4 in audit (US Projects) & as an Investment Analyst (currently) at a boutique Wealth Management firm in India.

I hold a GMAT 760. Qualified CMA, CSCA, Cleared CFA Level 1, cleared 2 parts of CPA & a FRM (May 2023 candidate).

I want to use MSF to gain a better brand in US & gain more of practical experience and to get into IB post my MSF in US. Few certifications in Finance, mostly with US schools.

I am looking for few 
1. STEM designated (I am an international student trying to break in banking)
2. Good placement in IB/PE/PB/Consulting
3. Locations (easy access to major cities: NYC, Boston, LA, SF etc.) (Is Texas also a Finance hub?)
5. Curriculum to focus on ValuationIB, Financial modeling etc...
6. Direct - Hands - on experience (Case competition, Practical involvement funds at school, Student managed venture funds etc.)

So here're my questions, I would love to hear more about these ~

  1. Many prestigious programs are 10-11 months, (like UT Austin, U o Rochester Simon, Vanderbilt, USC Marshall) which are direct 10-12 months programs that are not so quant focussed and don't offer me summer internships too. As an International student which one should I choose?

  2. Would MBB/BB/EB consider STEM international students with 3 years of OPT, will they sponsor our visas?

  3. Which Universities & programs do you recommend? Including these and apart from these? Please rank them and give me the pros and cons of these too!

  4. Can I apply to MIT MS Finance with my background? It's a bit expensive and lengthy too. Will I be able to get into IB (I get that MIT Sloan has a greater brand name when compared to others mostly)? Is it a bit tougher for me to crack into?

  5. Which one do I choose if I get admits from UoT Austin McCombs, Simon, Vanderbilt as an International student? Which one would help me survive long enough in US Finance industry with its brand name and connections?

  6. Is USC Marshall good - as its in LA work space (is it better for Finance)? Which one to apply for USC MArshall or UoTexas McCombs MSF? As Marshall's duration is extended a bit, and UoT seems a bit affordable!

Please do help me out here! 


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