Need advice on how to grow in the industry/become ready for a top B-school admit

Hi folks, fresh out of undergrad in India and working in a Macquarie backed energy developer as a project finance analyst. Looking for some advice on direction/pivots I can take to become best prepared for an MBA admit in 2026 (preferably at Stern, or some top B-school with a focus on finance)  (would be 25 year old by then). Here's my profile:

Academics: Majored in Business and Finance from the No.1 rated undergrad business college in the country. 98.5% in Grade 12 (Valedictorian). About to give my CFA and FRM Level 1s (I expect to be done with all the levels by 2024). 

Extracurriculars: Co-authored 6 papers in finance and economics (this is where I was first introduced to Stern's rockstar professors). These papers are very quant heavy and focuses heavily on crypto, equity and debt markets.


  1. 3 Months at EY doing supply chain consulting,
  2. 8 months as an investment analyst at a Singapore based $100Million VC fund (I was 1/14 members of the India team),
  3. 3 months as a investment analyst at Macquarie's PE business - work involved around Infra 
  4. 5 months working with as an investment analyst at a advisory firm to Korean PE/VCs

Work Experience: 

I interned with and am about to join a renewable energy developer owned by Macquarie - I have project finance deal experience working with them (raising equity and debt for solar/wind farms), and can make highly detailed financial models in project/structured finance from the ground up. I am strong at modelling and VBA 

It would be great to know what I can do next to develop my profile for NYU Stern, or a strong finance school.

Thank you, and have a great day ahead.

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